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RELEASED Pirate Weapon Shop v.1.3

Yarrr? Yarrr!

  1. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Dandion submitted a new mod:

    Pirate Weapon Shop - Yarrr? Yarrr!

    Read more about this mod...
  2. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

  3. DrPvtSkittles

    DrPvtSkittles Parsec Taste Tester

    I'd appreciate you askin first before you use assets from my mod :p

    Anywho thanks for the link and your pirate is lookin hella fine :nuruflirt:
  4. Dandion

    Dandion Subatomic Cosmonaut

    hey, hello. sorry for that, I wanted to, but then I thought of it as some sort of trebute and suprise, so I just did it. :V
    Hope u like it.
    DrPvtSkittles likes this.
  5. DrPvtSkittles

    DrPvtSkittles Parsec Taste Tester

    Please ask next time lol. I appreciate the gesture.

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