Pirates and other races

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    The only time I talk to a pirate is when I'm getting started, leaving the planet. He kind of looks like Jack Sparrow.
    -The reason why that pirate wanted to tear me out of that ship might be because Captain Edwards might be turning people into these blobs in the game.
    -I never got to talk to the pirates again.

    Our dialogue asking "Why did you try to kill me, to tear me out of that ship? I almost died, my crew were killed!"

    Then the pirate could replay "Sorry about that. I knew you would somehow be alright, but Captain Edwards wouldn't. He's been abducting people and turning them into blobs against their will, and I'd rather die that way than become one".

    -The Suna resemble the Groot, except they have a much more interesting personality than the Groot. The error is when talking to them we hear the Kursha Diplomacy theme.
    -When communicating, we hear the "Pirate Diplomacy" theme when they are not happy with us.
    The game has an interesting story and gameplay. It's about as enjoyable as rice pudding (Cold Rice Games).
    -Will there be any expansions and updates of the game?
    -It'll be interesting for the Bashien to have their own space territory theme song (not currently in the game)

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