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  1. Autzome

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    When a Pixling is born they are nothing but a lump of flesh with a mouth, the first thing that a Pixling does is move towards the heat, lava being the hottest thing around attracts the Pixlings, sadly a Pixling will simply jump into the lava and burn in seconds, this would have driven the Pixling to extinction if it wasn't for an evolutionary light-bulb inside the pixlings tiny brain, Pyrite when a Pixling is born they eat large sums of dirt in order to remove Pyrite particles to build their shells with, the pyrite then takes a Yellow hue, becoming fools gold.

    2 in-game currency drop rate 100%(common)
    3 fools gold: a throwing weapon with the same knock-back as the pixling(they look like the in-game currency) 2/5 drop rate(common)
    1 golden ring:aside from being one pixel large, it reduces knock back by a quarter! 1/15 drop rate(super rare drop)

    Being that their creatures who deceives and pushes into hazards they spawn near lava and pools of acid.

    ~spawn rate~
    i would like them to be an uncommon spawn, being that if there where a lot of them one would simply fire at all the money they find on the ground.

    spawn in groups of one to five.

    to many scientist surprise, the pixling doesn't just have a golden shell, it is 50% gold, to further surprise, all pixlings are weaklings having only five health but ten defense.

    completely immune to lava and acid damage

    they jiggle before attacking jumping great heights to attack, when not getting ready to attack they roll on the ground fairly quickly.

    not the strongest of the Starbound world, they can do very little damage but rather rely on smashing an enemy into lava or acids.
    the pixling wobbles side to side before flinging itself to it's target.
    with good armor it can hit for 1 points.
    with no armor it can hit for 3 points of damage

    Sorry i am not very good at pixal art but it should look like dropped money having no variants. i tried my best to make the picture(not very good)

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  2. Scruffy

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    Interesting concept, love how it deceives people

    I just found pixels! *walks towards it* What's this? Oh shit!
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  3. Autzome

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    that's what i was going for~ something that relied more on trickery than just pure damage.
  4. say what

    say what Master Chief

    Like the mimic in terraria?

    Also, love the idea.
  5. Autzome

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    a little, the problem that i had with mimics was that the mimics didn't fit like normal chests in the foreground so you kinda could tell it was a mimic if you looked hard enough, with dropped money they could be placed just about anywhere without needing to fit in the foreground and if it's next to lava one would think " was dumb enough to jump in! hah! my money now!" and then get pelted in the face by jiggling money. also thanks :D glad to hear it.
  6. Jimlad 42

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    So it's more like "Like Likes" from zelda.
  7. Autzome

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    maybe? this not being a giant tube thing that sucks you in and removes equipment but little tiny bits of money-looking creatures that bash into you.
  8. Jimlad 42

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    Well, I'm more thinking from the 2-D games when Like Likes are rupees.
  9. Autzome

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    ah, well then, yes! i guess you can put it that way.
  10. Zalachenko

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    Mimics are op, they deal a ton of damage
  11. Autzome

    Autzome Black Hole Surfer

    except these are weak but have crazy knockback
  12. Zeklo

    Zeklo Heliosphere

    Like the idea but in the begining I was hoping for a creature with an unsatisfying hunger, but this is cool too.
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