"place 3 wierd things in a room" quest

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  1. Lintton

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    I have a quest where a tenant is asking to have 3 wierd things placed in a room. what counts as wierd things? and is there a quick way to find the traits of a piece of furniture(to see if it has racial, metal, or is wierd as a property?)
  2. Garatgh Deloi

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    Unless im mistaken "weird things" refear to anything with the "odd" tag.

    I recommend using this site selecting said "odd" tag:

    Its the easiest way i know of to search for colony tags (or starbound items in general).
  3. Nope, its "Alien" items found on mutated planets craft at workbench or find.
  4. Masiakasaurus

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    Nope, I spawned in some slime furniture and it counted. Alien furniture has the odd tag but so do eye, slime, and a bunch of other item sets and they all work as "wierd".

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