Plain Jane People.

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    This coresponds with my other thread Plain Jane World:
    Here are the ideas of the npc's that live there:
    Nerd: Tour guide that walks around the earth studying it's plants. Once transformed: Party animal! He makes Charlie Sheen look like a nerd when he's partying!
    Robo: A low life Robo who used to be teased at robo school, usually gives nerdy advice (Like the tenth of the first number in a decahedron is going to have a use!) Once Transformed: Party animal, sells party hats and party lasers!
    (recruitable) commander: Bases all of his speech on Star Rek (Yes Star Rek) and says , " this is most illogical" When he can not come up with an witty answer. Once transformed: Able to recruit for a decorated starship (Allows place of banner with shuttle name!)
    ~ John!

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