Boss Planet sized bosses!

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planet-sized bosses or the planet is the boss

  1. planet-sized bosses

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  2. The planet is the boss

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  1. Merenn

    Merenn Star Wrangler

    I am vote number 130. Planet is the boss seems entertaining. I'm thinking the planets shouldn't show up on the star maps via seed. and should be randomly generated once you fufill some sort of criteria first. Perhaps Add weapons systems to your ship. Rather than having co-ordinated assaults from people up high and down low. You get an item that lets you call down a tactical laser strike or something from orbit. Obviously it would only work on surface targets.

    I'm also thinking, after you dig past the "crust" of the boss. Rather than seem all planet-ish and stone/dirt. It should become more organic and fleshy. For those attacking weak points inside. There are occassionally floods of acid or something that will try to burn you as you work. So you have to either divert the flow or wait for it to pass.

    For creepy-factor. While on the surface you can have fancy battle music. As you go deeper. the music grows softer and softer. And the heavy sounds of breathing get louder and louder. On occassion stopping. Before roaring loudly when a node is extremely damaged or destroyed.
  2. Jardenon

    Jardenon Phantasmal Quasar

    this concept reminds me of the movie 1408. The room isn't haunted. its just an evil room that wants to kill you. You land on this planet and suddenly your fun adventures have taken a detour as you fight for your life on a planet that wants to kill you. you can't escape until you kill the planets core.
  3. Roka

    Roka Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This idea is pretty cool, but would it be possible for single-player only people to beat them? :D
  4. warlava50

    warlava50 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    that's just a way to farm ores.
  5. Solaron

    Solaron Big Damn Hero

    This is a great idea it would be epix
  6. Meewosh

    Meewosh Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeah, BUT here's a story lol - You just mine down the planet and suddenly you find an ore! But it's also VERY rare and VERY deep down to the core of this planet! So, you go out for an adventure to an another planet and you come back and HERE WE GO AGAIN you need to mine this down again! And the best thing is that you'll need to remember exactly HOW you mined it. (Like you need the almost exact roots to this place lol -.-)

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