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    Hello, I been thinking that starbound would be far more rewarding if it had something such as this, it would give us more purpose to exploring.

    I heard they're going to add scanning mode to matter manipulator eventually, tor allow scanning fo 3d printing anywhere. I think scanning shouldn't just be for 3d printing, that this new scanner mode on the matter manipulator should allow us to scan stuff we can't 3d print, such as creatures we encounter, tree's, bugs, the various colors of terrain we run into, etc.. and record it to a database on our ships computer, called the Planetary Database, with a randomly generated name, which we would have the option to change. It would have a list of planets like the bookmarks menu, only they'd have their standard planet names, and it would add them as we scan stuff on various planets. When you click a planet on this list, we would see categories for the t ype of stuff we scanned. I am thinking 5 categories, terrain, flora, fauna, structures, and insects, and when we enter one of these categories, we would see a list of each of the categories type of things we have scanned.

    If we clicked one of the creatures in the fauna category for example, we would see its health value, its damage types, and its attacks, along with the option to name them or type a description, and a picture of our first encounter with this creature. I'm thinking that we would scan more seperate creatures of the same type to unlock all the data on this interface, like first crab you scan shows you whether its hostile or not, second scan shows you its health, 3rd scan and every scan after would show what attacks it has and their damage types, after those are all shown, the final scans would show us all the possible drops and their chance of dropping. There would be a 0-100% indicator to show if the scans are complete or not. It would take less scans depending on how complicated the creature is, like how many different attacks, and possible item drops it has.

    To make all of this f or a greater purpose, there would be a planetary scanner on your shp, which you would have to unlock or craft somehow, that wouldn't really t ell you much other than what the planets currently tell you on the star map, but it would tell you how much of the stuff on the planet you've scanned, showing you a percentage, this would add a reason to scan the normally useless plant life, the little flowers and strange grass. Scanning tree's would tell you their possible growth heights, how much of their given material they could possibly drop, a picture of the first sighting of this tree in its database entry. Scanning vines would simply add on to the total planetary scan value, but you can also name them if you do not want a randomly generated name.

    Scanning terrain would give us a hardness value in its database entry, telling us how difficult it us to mine, it would also tell us what it turns into when mined, we could name this as well, and we could scan those insects so we can have them all in our database, and only keep jars for our favorite ones.

    We could also scan stuff that is 3d printable, as planned in developement, with this scanner, but it would still add to the database, so we could see what planet we got it from, with a memorable picture of the location. for smaller randomly generated structures, it wouldnt take a picture until that structure had every unique object in it scanned, then it would have indicators to help you fit the structure in the picture for the database entry, when you have the scanner out over a completely scanned structure. For larger structure generation, we would have a choice in where we want the picture taken with indicators and a shown hotkey on screen after we get it 100% scanned, only in this occasion, we would likely end up taking a picture of the front gate, but still, it would be nice to have a database of your encounter with that prison colony, or that medieval castle. All of this would go in the structures category under the planets database entry. The structure would have no picture until 100% scanned, and it would show a list of all of the decorations, blocks, everything the structure is comprised of, that you have scanned, with a picture and typed description of each of these objects under their respective database entries.

    Getting a planets total scanned percentage to 100% would offer some sort of reward, such as faster scanning speed, for the scanning on the matter manipulator would have a delay, and once the speed its nearly instant after 100% scans on 50 planets for example, after that point, every planet 100% scanned would upgrade the range at which you could scan, and there would be a seperate range for scanning through walls, it would probably be the main range reduced by 60%.

    So all of this would be in the planetary database, a nice list of planets we've scanned, and all of the stuff we've found on it, as well as pictures to remember our encounters, in specific categories. There would be a side menu on the planetary database, to show us our current scan range, the range through terrain too, and speed at which we scan.

    This is my suggestion, I hope you guys like it, I will probably refine it to be more specific later on, and maybe draw up an example drawing.
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