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Planets (Unstable)

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Baseball_Bibbins, Feb 15, 2016.


Would this encourage you to explore more?

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  1. Baseball_Bibbins

    Baseball_Bibbins Void-Bound Voyager

    I was just getting out of my mind so I thought I would make a poll on this idea. Why aren't planets in star systems completely random, (I.e) a fiery star system does not include the same 4 or 5 planets for everyone in existence but rather have higher chance of that planet being present in the system more than other systems so a Eccentric star normally has lush planets than a fiery star which is littered with dead and volcanic planets.
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  2. MehoyMenoy

    MehoyMenoy Intergalactic Tourist

    I agree, going and looking for resources on the same THREE planets, im bored as hell VALVE plz fix or i leave

    +1 to brotha fo speakin tha truth
  3. LittleWasp

    LittleWasp Big Damn Hero

    That has to do with Chucklefish's progression system. Once it's fully implemented, the end-game areas will contain star systems with a much greater variety of planets, if not all kinds.
    For the moment, there are a ton of mods which already implement the same thing.
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  4. Baseball_Bibbins

    Baseball_Bibbins Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh wow I had no idea, thanks for the feedback ill be sure to check out the mods and further updates for starbound :)
  5. Littleman88

    Littleman88 Big Damn Hero

    I would also appreciate it if frozen worlds weren't getting up close and cozy with a fiery star while in that same star system the molten and cooked worlds are on the fringes of the gravity well. Not a big thing, just... immersive.

    Can't wait for all world types to be equally dangerous and rich in resources. Rather not have to fiddle with mods if I don't have to.
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