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Bug/Issue Player Bug- Sword animation pauses & day doesn't end

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jaysketchin, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Jaysketchin

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    This happened earlier but I was able to fix it by opening my inventory and manually putting a different weapon into the currently selected box, but my current multiplayer world has suffered an entire day by becoming so broken that I was forced to close the game and lose our whole day of progress.

    From what I can tell, the bug occurs when the player is holding a weapon (a sword for both occurrences) and tries to interact with something (pick up an object, or open a door). This makes them do the block action, but it freezes mid-action, and the player then glides around with WASD but doesn't move. Like they're on ice. After trying to switch to another tool to get the same way out I used before, my entire keyboard ceased to function in the game itself. WASD, E, M, F, 1 to =, no keys worked. Clicking did nothing, my controller did nothing, and the only onscreen interaction I was able to do was click on the Journal icon and close it with the mouse.

    There was no one online except me at the time, due to the only other player disconnecting due to internet problems on her end, but the first occurrence happened on my exclusively singleplayer world. I was alright with the minor exhaustion tax when I hit 2:00am, but to my shock and dismay, 2:00am hit, and the game continued to play. The numbers just shaking every time the time moved forward, with no sign of cutscenes or blackout transitions to the next day. I couldn't move, couldn't use anything on my screen, couldn't open my settings, so I was forced to alt+f4 and have us lose an entire day of progress on our save.

    We're alright, since we can just rebuild, but it was a frustrating and upsetting experience, and due to how much it happened just today, I have a feeling this isn't something that only I've been the victim of. I've attached videos of my character locked in place, with me trying to click on my tools ingame and watching the 2:00am words fail to end the day- the night continued for another two minutes before I shut the game after speaking with my friend as the glitch occured.

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