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RELEASED Player Portraits 2017-04-30

Make statues and paintings of players and npcs

  1. magewish4

    magewish4 Pangalactic Porcupine

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  2. Nexus Of Chaos

    Nexus Of Chaos Parsec Taste Tester

    can u take a pic of yourself? can u hav a colored statue? could there b a statue that works like a mannequin, looking like the player/NPC you took a pic of?
  3. Wa.luigi.time

    Wa.luigi.time Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Do you have to manualy place a canvas behind the painting or is it just my game being stupid again?
  4. artguk

    artguk Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Forgive my bad English.

    I allowed myself to improve this modification.

    The camera can be bought from the Frog on the Outpost
    Left click on the target with the cursor - a statue
    Right click on the target with the cursor - the picture

    Between you and the object being photographed, there must be a distance, otherwise you will only take a picture of yourself

    Я позволил себе улучшить данную модификацию.

    Фотоаппарат можно купить у Лягушки на Форпосте
    Левый клик по цели курсором - статуя
    Правый клик по цели курсором - портрет

    Между вами и фотографируемым объектом должна быть дистанция, иначе сфотографируете только себя

    Download 1
    Or download from my post

    I really liked your idea and I tried to improve it. This was my first experience. I hope you all like it.
    I do not claim authorship and I will be happy if other members of this community continue to develop this idea[​IMG]


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  5. Nexus Of Chaos

    Nexus Of Chaos Parsec Taste Tester

    idk y but it looks like the image is only a tenth loaded when thats the entire image. can we get a new image?
  6. artguk

    artguk Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I did not quite understand. I do not understand English well.
    I have not previously been familiar with LUA and JSON.
    When I copied the code, I did not change the order of receipt of the layers.
    I think that "magewish4" wanted that the resulting sculptures and pictures would not overlap with the player.
    For my part, the work was done:
    • Change the appearance of the tool
    • A single tool for creating a portrait and sculpture
    • Assigned sculpture creation function to the left mouse button and portrait to the right mouse button
    • Adding the ability to create portraits and sculptures of monsters, not just players and NPCs
    Unfortunately, since The sizes of monsters were different it was necessary to make so that the portrait frame for type "monsters" was not created.
    This is due to the fact that I did not find in JSON and LUA (Stabounde) to read the sizes of the received "parts" (their width and height), only found the possibility to specify them, which did not fit. The dimensions of the "parts" are not known and their position. :confused:
    Perhaps this is due to my lack of knowledge of these programming languages:nope:
    So I decided, since I do not know the size of the captured layers, just center them, using

    "Properties": {
    "Centered": true,

    And I decided not to use "ImagePosition"

    There was also a problem with the final positioning.
    This line allows you to position only the downloaded image: animator.translateTransformationGroup("base", {0,0}).
    However, when trying to position the captured and grouped parts of NPCs and Monsters, they do not move. Just ignoring the command, no error occurs.:cry:
    И я снова обманул:coffee:
    In general, to my surprise, everything works after my low-skilled intervention ;) :confirm:

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  7. Nexus Of Chaos

    Nexus Of Chaos Parsec Taste Tester

    воспользуйся переводчиком I used one for this
    okay, I will not talk in text speech so you can use a translator or something. What I said earlier was the image you provided was broken, but it turned out it was my bad internet causing it to look broken. Do you think it will be possible to make the statues colored? Also, could there be a mannequin like object that could be made using the statue of a non player character (NPC if that helps) or the player?
  8. artguk

    artguk Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The statue and the portrait are basically based on the same function. This code affects the color of the statue:
    layerImage = layerImage.."?saturation=-100"
    I personally do not see the point of making statues colored.
    For this purpose, the "Portrait" function is created.
    If a player wants a stone statue, he gets a statue. If the player wants a color portrait - he gets a portrait
    What for? Do you want to have not only a statue and a portrait, but also a scarecrow?
    ...Well, I'll try to add the functionality of creating a scarecrow
    Translation turned out strange...The interpreter distorted the meaning of the sentence. I'm not sure I understood your question correctly
    Variant of answer No. 1. You and now can take pictures of players, monsters and NPCs.
    Variant of answer No. 2.
    I tried to create a workbench, but there was a problem with overfilling schemes.
    The general idea was this:
    -The player takes a picture and gets a photocell.
    -The player uses a photocell on a workbench and creates either a portrait or a statue at will.

    However, when photographing, the animation of the same objects is different. There is a risk of not getting a very good pose of the object. For example, pose in attack or running, etc.
    This is not bad, but the player may not want to have a photograph of the attacking monster.

    There were a lot of drawings in the workbench ... I do not know. Is it possible to delete the recipe from the workbench during the game ...
    So I decided not to change the main author's idea.

    As a result, you now have a photo camera that materializes a photo into ready-made statues and portraits.
    Today I will try it again in accordance with your wish regarding stuffed animals. Well and still something I shall add still, I can change the name and the description .... For example "the Kvantovo-nuclear portrait converter" :avalilol:
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  9. Nexus Of Chaos

    Nexus Of Chaos Parsec Taste Tester

    Let's try to fix that. Could you make something using the statue that looks like the source of the statue and you can put armor and clothing on?
  10. artguk

    artguk Scruffy Nerf-Herder

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  11. magewish4

    magewish4 Pangalactic Porcupine

    magewish4 updated Player Portraits with a new update entry:

    For Dummies!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  12. Toamac

    Toamac Phantasmal Quasar

    i found a bug with the mod. 20170429133932_1.jpg
    the same thing happen with the sculpture to
  13. artguk

    artguk Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Do you have a modification for school clothes?
    In the vanilla version, I personally did not get errors with layers...
    Well, I'll download it and check it out :V
    Thanks for your feedback. :avail:D:
  14. artguk

    artguk Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Conflicts with this modification is not found.

    Maybe something with a file from the main topic ...
    Download and check with this version:

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  15. Toamac

    Toamac Phantasmal Quasar

    the file seem to work thanks
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  16. artguk

    artguk Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    No problem, always happy to help :)
  17. magewish4

    magewish4 Pangalactic Porcupine

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  18. artguk

    artguk Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    At the moment, the updated version is available for download in this message. [​IMG]

    I recently updated the computer and I had to put my favorite modifications again.
    I downloaded our modification and found that after the last correction there were errors.
    I made the changes and checked for compatibility with all the modifications that I have installed.
    Here is the list of modifications with which our modification works without errors after my fixes. I think there will be no problems with other modifications.

    List of bug fixes:
    • The error of incorrect prompts has been fixed. In the last update, portraits, statues and dummyes had the same tooltips
    • Fixed bug with incorrect sounds. In the last update, Mason's quantum-nuclear portrait sensor reproduced one sound when creating statues, scarecrows and portraits.
    • Fixed the positions of statues and scarecrows in relation to their basis
    • Fixed a bug with incorrect images of the base of the statue and the dummy.
    List of changes and additions:
    • Added the creation of holograms
    • Now Mason's quantum-nuclear portrait sensor spends resources.
      To create a portrait, hologram, dummy or statue, you will need 2 units of land and 2 units of rotten food (or 2 logs instead of rotten food) in the inventory.
    • Added 10 color filters for the Mason quantum-nuclear portrait transducer.
      All 10 colors work with statues and holograms.
      The Bizarre filter can also be used to create a dummy.
      Filters are consumables.
      Mason's quantum-nuclear portrait sensor automatically uses all the filters available in Inventory.
      If there are no filters in Inventory, then it creates a standard object from those that you indicated to it: Statue, Hologram, Mannequin, Portrait.
    • Control keys:
      Left click: Sculpture,
      Left click+Shift: Hologram,
      Right click: Dummy,
      Right click+Shift: "Portrait" or "Cardboard cutouts"
    • Added a change of facial expressions during photography and lack of resources.
    • Added animation for Quantum Nuclear Portrait Sensor Mason.
    • Mason's quantum-nuclear portrait sensor and its filters are installed in the "Deed" section of the "Frögg Furnishing" store at the outpost.
    • If you decide to create a portrait of a monster, then the portrait will not have frames (unlike portraits of humanoids.)
      This is done because the monsters (especially if you have different mods installed on the part) come in different sizes (sometimes more than Esther with their chair) because of what they can not fit into the frames.
      We did not want to reduce their size and reduce the image quality of the portrait. Therefore, instead of portraits of monsters, you will receive cardboard clippings. :avalipretty:

    • Statues, Holograms, Mannequins and Portraits have a different price.
      Statues, Holograms, Mannequins and Portraits of monsters are more expensive than humanoids.
    • Icons of monsters and humanoids now have a different look.
      Icons of Portraits, Statues, Holograms and Mannequins now have a different look.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Download the new modification:


    Recommended modifications:
    Backpacks (Unfortunately the version on the forum does not work, you can download the updated version of this author in Steam or here)

    Description of the modification on the forum: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/backpacks.4958/
    Unfortunately the version on the forum does not work, you can download the updated version of this author in Steam or here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dya5-zohsou9aaMBTOV-2gPgWk3fGClp/view?usp=sharing


    Enhanced Storage
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