Please add an option to disable the mouse screen scrolling

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    From the Steam forums: - basically we all want an option to disable the screen scrolling when moving the mouse towards the edges of the screen. We want the screen to scroll only when pressing WASD, or the arrow keys if you implement that and add keyboard rebinding.

    Mouse camera scroll disable and ability to add camera to arrow keys.
    basically title says it all. Would love to have mouse camera movement disable option and an option to use arrow keys to control the camera.
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    The arrow keys can already be used to move the map around. However, I would LOVE an option to disable camera movement when the mouse hits the edges of the screen. I hate that in games, and an option to disable it is needed, please.
    The WASD keys can be used, but for me the arrow keys didnt work earlier today. But the biggest issue is disabling mouse camera movement as its the root cause of my issue.

    Oops! I meant the WASD keys. That's what I use. Sorry about that.

    Agreed that the mouse camera movement needs to go.
    No problem, i kinda assumed that's what you had meant.

    Steam is the only place their game is being sold on PC. They should have a developer presence here. It's the right thing to do.
    you're absolutely right, they should.

    Sounamii [​IMG] 2 hours ago
    Zod the Defiler:
    WASD moves the cam. I just use mouse scroll though. I play one handed. Why would you not like mouse scroll?
    If you had read any of the previous comments you would have seen that we've discussed using WASD to control the camera. Thats fine, but some people prefer to use arrow keys for camera, so the option to remap keys or add them in for camera would be nice.

    The main issue is that mouse camera control cannot be toggled off. So for anyone using multiple monitors or playing in windowed mode, this can create a problem for them. Anytime you mouse off of the Wargroove window/screen, it will drag the camera to the edge of the map which makes it difficult to keep an eye on the game while you are doing stuff on other monitors or programs.

    All of the other strategy/tactics games i've played have had the option to turn off mouse camera control. So for this game to not have that option, it can be kind of annoying to deal with if you are accustomed to playing without mouse camera control enabled.

    Sounamii [​IMG] 1 hour ago
    Mouse scrolling the map is annoying. If I move the mouse to one of the edges to click on something on something around there, the screen scrolls. I want full control of when the screen scrolls. It's no good when the screen scrolls when you don't want it to, just because you moved your mouse a little too closely to the edge.
    You're right, it's super annoying.

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