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    I hope the developers or any mod creators see this, SOMEONE please add creature diversity to the oceans biomes. It is frustrating when you are exploring the seas and the amount of creatures you encounter feel so lack luster. Im tired of seeing tiny angry fish or huge piles of dolphins. If a mod creator sees this, please create a mod with the following:

    1. Large leviathan class (subnautica esq) sized creatures to encounter. Big monster sized creatures 2-3 times the size of any vehicle or submarine. Different variations and sizes of the same creature types.

    - They can resemble: Crabs, turtles, sea snakes, sharks, squids, etc....

    2. Bottom feeders: Small alien crustaceans that roam the sea floors.

    3. More variety of Medium sized alien ocean creatures
    - The creatures can even change depending on the type of ocean.

    4. Maybe even a lesser evolved humanoid species that lives entirely underwater?
    - alien mermaid esq?

    5. My list of ideas goes on and on.

    I dont know how to create this content but if I had the skill set I would. Im 100% down to help anyone who wants to start this sort of project!
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