WIP Pokémon éléments (Portraits, characters, map, loading, animals...)

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    if Pig(Pig.xnb) is Tepig, what for BabyPig.xnb?
    • Cey702

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      I will do the evolution to replace Tepig, and place Tepig to baby_pig ^^ (Fletchling too) but for now, sorry, nothing for baby_pig x) (You can replace the name pig by baby_pig if you want "BUT" their action will change to adult for the moment)

      To not lie, I class my priority with my game and my girlfriend's game. But do every animals is my goal (or quasi all, we love sheep, goat, cow, rabbit...from other mods in the forum. But when someone as you replied in this thread, It changes somes priority :) So, I think I will do the evolution soonly if you're interested ^^

      EDIT: Hey, Files "critters" frome savages animals updated ! Pidgey added, declined from the official sprite in 3 or 4st gen ! (and declined from the stardew valley sprite too for flying xD)


      REEDIT: New for brown chiken (and sorry, but I never do the evolution because I need more texture for fearrow. So, first message updated again ^^


      REREEDIT: Sorry, just little things for today and tommorow (because family, etc) so...A new sprite: Pidove, the Pokémon more "real pigeon" than "pokémon" x) (But it's a little strange when face view :x) And first message edited again

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      • Cey702

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        And more, more more in the first message in one file: Cursor ! (Aaaaargh, now I have a lot of characters to test every season or special map x___x)
        • Sarahfiren

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          Just me rambling ideas O.O...
          Swinub for baby cow, Piloswine for the adult cow, Tauros for a horse, Slyveon for a cat or furret as a cat (ferret) , Lillipup for the dog, Pokemon berry bushes as the bushes, Mareep as baby sheep, Flaafy as adult sheep..Spoink as the baby piggy, and grumpig as the adult pig.. Dwebble and Crustle as enemys in the cave to replace slimes, Woobat to replace the bat, Dugtrio for the enemys that pop up from underground, Ducklett as a baby duck, and swanna as a adult duck, axew, amaura, or tyrunt as dinosaurs, buneary as the bunny, torchic as the young chicken, Combusken as the big chicken, the ores in the game could be replaced with Pokemon gems from Pokemon black and white ... I think I will stop there I have many ideas but figured I will just leave those and see what you think this looks amazing !!!!
          • Cey702

            Cey702 Space Spelunker

            Hi ^^

            Someone did it one or two weeks ago with sprite of Pkmn MT, or whitout (depending of the sprite) so I can't do that. You can find mareep, and dwebble and crustle here:

            Why not, later, but for the moment, I prefer replace map and elements like cursor because more graphic modders do cat/dog, and rare are map or other things ;)

            I had the ideas too ^^ It's not my first priority but I will do that (But for the moment, i don't know because pokémon bush are threes, and in stardew valley, three and bush are different. So, I'm thinking if I will replace three and bush, or just bush, or just fruits, etc ^^

            Maybe, but later, when all will be finished

            Contrary to pig or cow, texture of duck don't have 32*32 pixel but just 16*16pixels. So, we can't do everything everywhere. Maybe someone can do that, but not me I think, sorry ;) (But if a mod permit to change every texture, add animations, etc, I will animate all the elements I did and do better quality)

            Why not (You have helix if you want in the link I posted, did by someone else ^^

            Because someone did torchic, i don't want to do combusken, because this personn can do it and I don't wan't to create any competition between community member of stardew ^^. Then, and as swanna, texture isn't bigger to do that because 16*16 pixels too

            First idea I keep ! I don't understand because my memory is the same of a memory of a dead goldfish, but for the moment, I don't have the idea of replace ore, and it's look a good idea. I will look for references or sprites to see what I can do. (But If I do, I will keep a logic between name of the ore, and look of the ore)

            Bonus: I don't understand why the game have well because it's useless with the two source of water in farm...but...


            First message will be update in 5min :)

            EDIT: Finally...multicolors dittos replace all the littles slims...They're strange, and disturbing and in the first message :x
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            • Sarahfiren

              Sarahfiren Phantasmal Quasar

              I am slowly piecing my pokemon town together grabbed sprites from all over this forum and just saw my alerts then saw your cute slime dittos and the well I am watching this as well as others O.O THANK U
              • Rosalie

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                wow these are amazing!! very very nice job X3:slowpoke:

                I'll definitely use these for my second playthrough!
                • bulbaswat

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                  I honestly think it would be really funny if you could somehow make the truck have even just a few pixels of mews tail or something like that peaking out from under it, just because of the old rumour people spread about getting mew in gen 1. Just an idea.
                  • Sarahfiren

                    Sarahfiren Phantasmal Quasar

                    love all these pokemon mods not only do we get to raise pokemon in a sense we get to battle them too in a odd way but this is so neat keep it up ! would be great to see a all in one mega pokemon mod with everything in one pack ^0^ maybe eventually we get many more pokemon things like poke berrys and items maybe the festivals could get a touch of pokemon or the arcade games in the bar... the food maybe .. its so neat !
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                    • Cey702

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                      Thank's you everyone :)

                      Bulbasaur, I hesitated to put a tag of mew but finally, I didn't add it because i wan't sure (principally because old rock with mew in the center of town). So, if you want it, I can add an update soonly ;) (and directly the tail is maybe a better idea than a tag ^^)

                      Sarahfiren, I wanted to modify the mini game later because it's in cursor file, (the same file of "lot of things"), but modify the arcade too in the bar is a really good idea :eek: I note it somewhere :D

                      News: First, I worked a lot on grass...And Pokémon grass isn't possible, sorry...It's not 1square of pixel=1texture but the game take the texture, and put it everywhere in the square in game. So, there are too much grass and it's really ugly. I test with Pokémon classic grass, and 3th generation long grass. This second is better, if we have only 2 colors, but more ugly than the original stardew sprite. So, sorry for that, I don't touch the grass anymore :x

                      then, I don't really like it but it's funny 2minutes. Rain is replaced by castform (rain form).
                      Other adding (because after few modifying, I don't find the texture of bus for the moment ><) the bus "of intro" is midified by an old reference for europeans. I put the link of the youtube vidéo on the first message for others :D It's pixellized and old and etc xD

                      So, first message updated ^^
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                      • Sarahfiren

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                        grabbed them both ^-^
                        • swpau

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                          The mod of toddlers let toddlers looks grow up to kids and ...i like that and also love the style of four season town..well done...! ^__^
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                          • LeonLegacy

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                            Oh dear lord... this is beyond amazing! the amount of detail is just.. impressive wow! Very very good work : O
                            • blackdahlia

                              blackdahlia Seal Broken

                              Ahh! Wonderful! Can't wait to try it out, I can't believe you've added so much, it's amazing work!

                              I notice you have a cutie slowpoke/slowbro in the images. Is it an animal replacer?

                              Everything you do is appreciated, of course, but here's an idea: Replace the vegetables/flowers with pokemon! You can grow pokemon, sell them, even eat them!
                              • waldorf

                                waldorf Seal Broken

                                Thank you
                                • sheetcakeghost

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                                  For anyone interested I did kind of a hybrid of critters.xnb from here and PokéMobs with a few of my own edits.

                                    Attached Files:

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                                  • Yrahcaz

                                    Yrahcaz Void-Bound Voyager

                                    I'm using this since you posted it, just wanted to say thank you!
                                    • Degraffenried7

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                                      Can you make it so Willy's house is the one uploaded for all four seasons? It only shows up in springtime :(

                                      Also THANK YOU!!!!!! THESE ARE ASTOUNDING!!!!!

                                      (Just got the game yesterday. Already addicted)
                                      • Zahja

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                                        Hi therre Cey! I haven't commented on anything in forums up until now I had a ton of visual mods for animals and stuff that were fine so this wasn't a failed install. But uh when I installed your pokemon cursors.xnb mod in correct spot it made snow on days when snowing red colored. :( So sadly I had to remove it from my game file and replace it with my back-up now i'm back to normal white snow!

                                        Anyway i'd thought you liek to know that! Red snow is really unsettling haha.
                                        • elebuu

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                                          OMFG @ TEAMROCKET!JOJA :rofl:

                                          These are so cute ammgmgmgmg ;w;

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