WIP Pokémon éléments (Portraits, characters, map, loading, animals...)

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  1. HiHaHi123

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    Amazing!Thank you!
    • Destany89

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      hey could you redo the actual buss to look like the intro bus? if thats possible, it just would look so cool lol
      • TeddyBearYoshi

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        Are all of these compatible with 1.1? They are very nice.
        • General_Durandal

          General_Durandal Big Damn Hero

          You're so awesome! Thanks for this stuff!
          • General_Durandal

            General_Durandal Big Damn Hero

            If I got to choose what you did next...
            I'd say a Mewtwo replacer for the Wizard.
            • DarinNWolf

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              Hi! I have a bit of a question. I have absolutely no idea why but for some reason when I try to go to the google drive link and press download, there's an issue on my side where the page just tells me "problem loading" or some such. Maybe its my crappy wifi, but may you by chance have an alternative link for download? Say a dropbox or something

              EDIT: Nevermind, found out I just needed to clear my cache and cookies for it to work
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              • Ulithium_Dragon

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                Just wanted to say that some of these sprite sheets are now outdated (probably made before v1.1 was released), and so they lack some of the new sprites added to the sheets by the update.
                This mainly just applies to "cursors.xmb", but there are A LOT of sprites added by the v1.1 update to that file that are not present in this mod's version.

                I manually updated the sprite sheet myself a day or two ago, so if anyone wants it, then here:
                Pokemon Cursors - SV v1.1 Updated - UD.7z

                I claim no credit for the AMAZING work you did on these, all I did was merge your changes with the v1.1 sprite sheet.
                If you request I remove this file for any reason, I will do so immediately!

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                • DarinNWolf

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                  Oh sweet! Though where would I put this? In Content?
                  • Ulithium_Dragon

                    Ulithium_Dragon Space Kumquat

                    Heh, figures: the ONE time I was too lazy to pre-set up the folder hierarchy for people. n.nU

                    It goes into the same place as the old one did, which is "Stardew Valley/Content/LooseSprites".
                    • Ulithium_Dragon

                      Ulithium_Dragon Space Kumquat

                      Currently Cey702's edits to Willy's house only apply to the Spring, so for all other seasons the sign above his door will revert back to the default.

                      I've fixed this and merged the edits with the other 3 seasons' map files. Here's the download if anyone wants it:
                      Pokemon Edits - Willys House - All Seasons UD v1.0.7z

                      EDIT: Given that the beach doesn't change its appearance much for the different seasons, it's kinda hard for me to include a screenshot showing the edits I made in action.

                      About the only thing that really changes is the decorations in the window and on the door of Elliot's house, and I managed to get a screenshot that *just barely* shows "proof". n.nU


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                      • cankersaur

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                        This is amazing! I've just downloaded all of them. Thank you so much! :D

                        I was just saying to someone, "perhaps I'll make JojaMart into a Team Rocket base." I'd forgotten you'd already done so, and done such a wonderful job! It's so exciting.
                        • ShinyUmbreon

                          ShinyUmbreon Master Chief

                          Small request - your cursers package keeps the default dog/cat/horse portraits. Most people who have this mod (at least, I assume) have replaced the pets - is there a possibility of the menu portraits for your file being updated (or a version of it made possible with some sort of generic pokemon-related picture?). That would be great, if you'd want to do it!

                          As it is, enjoying your sets so far! :)
                          • Wingzrooke

                            Wingzrooke Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            I love the chicken and pig retextures, but they need baby versions!
                            • DragneelAce

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                              this is sooooooooo awesome!!!!! make more! make more! make some kind of monster, hats and so on?
                              • BritneyMc0206

                                BritneyMc0206 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                Hello. I really love how everything here looks so well done! Especially the Meloetta! My favorite here. Although, I was a little confused on why one of the parts where the original cat had it's eyes closed until you clicked it wasn't implemented into the Meloetta. So I went to the effort of editing it myself. Thank you so much for making this. Here's the edited version I made, if you or anybody was either wanting it, or didn't understand what I ment. :3

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                                • keytars

                                  keytars Void-Bound Voyager

                                  I've installed a lot of these and I really love them, but I also noticed the cursors.xnb file was outdated. I don't know if there were any changes between the posted 1.1 update and the 1.3 beta (1.3.9 for this), but I updated it for that + changed the travelling cart hippo into a magcargo.

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                                  • BlueSkyes

                                    BlueSkyes Star Wrangler

                                    I love this mod, but now whenever I kill a monster..... well, you can guess.
                                    • rollingrick

                                      rollingrick Space Hobo

                                      Sorry to revive such an old thread, but i don't know where to go for this. I downloaded this mods, and now my resources stack number doesn't appear. my items won't stack. I found somewhere it was the cursors XNB. I want to use the cursors mod on here. Is there an update for this?
                                      • rollingrick

                                        rollingrick Space Hobo

                                        I don't see how to download? it's only a picture. Same for keytars cursor fix, which i really need.
                                        • keytars

                                          keytars Void-Bound Voyager

                                          Oh, for pngs you have to use an xnb packer and combine it with whatever the current .yaml file unpacking the vanilla cursors xnb gives you. Here's the packed xnb though.

                                          Edit: Went and did it for the Meloetta update as well, hope that's alright.

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