Mob "Pokeball" type thing.

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  3. Whats a Pokeball?

  1. 1029chris

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    Just a simple thing to capture creatures, and trade them, and stuff. Also its a way to keep your pet safe, while in a battle, keep him in a item, or whatever. Just some sort of creature capturing device. Just a idea to throw out there.
  2. Alucard I

    Alucard I King Homestuck I

    It won't be added to Starbound. That's for sure.
    However you can always develop your own mod, which adds pokeballs Starbound. Good luck with it!
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    MEWMEW Existential Complex

    Pets have seperate slots in your inventory, you can beam them down from your ship, and when they die they go to the big ship in the sky...Your ship, to rest and heal...3 pets allowed, I guess you could trade them...
  4. Cloudhopper

    Cloudhopper Weight of the Sky

    Actually, it's been said somewhere (i think) that When you capture a creature, It's linked to an item which you can trade with other players.
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  5. Matanui3

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    "<@Tiy> Ok so, I don't want to talk too much about the raising part, that's up in the air. But you're able to obtain an item that captures creatures that are low on health. The creature is then tied to the item, which can be traded, stored, etc like any other item. However you can only recall the creature if the item is equipped in 1 of 3 special creature slots."

    He even admitted that it sounded very Pokemon, but that there were differences (That I don't believe he went into)
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  6. GunmanRex

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  7. yugimon

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    Can i eat it?

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