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would you rather tame a ponca or a vireorb?

  1. Ponca

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  2. Vireorb

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  3. Depends, which one gets you the cookies?

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  1. Headphoner

    Headphoner Cosmic Narwhal

    Ponca, an adorable little bouncing pink ball-ish thing... er... :lolwut: Anyway, couldn't do any harm at all, could it? well, you're WRONG!!!!!! Poncas are found on medium to high threat level planets and will not attack until you get close. When it attacks, It will literally turn itself inside-out into a mass of tentacles. They are quite fast in this state but being inside-out, they won't be able to see very well, and if they loose track of you, it will turn from tentacle horror, back into an adorable little Ponca. This is your chance to attack.

    Attack details:
    Attack type: melee
    Attack range: 3 blocks
    Attack strength: 15-65 damage, critical 25-80

    Health: 75
    Armor: (when ponca) 0 (when tentacle horror) 3

    Poncas move by bouncing, and may roll if going downhill fast enough

    Poncas drop PONCA MASKS, and Ponca Tendrils, which can be made into the horror suit, which is basically a suit covered in tentacles, both are vanity items and can be used to confuse a ponca, if a ponca is confused it may follow you with a quizical look on its face until the mask is removed, making it prone to taming.

    I may be able to do the sprites for this one, but i don't know how to do animations or anything so some polish when they're done would be much appreciated.

    Here is a rough draft on how it should look, it is FAR from done but if you think you can make it look better, be my guest.
    needsname.jpg This is just a draft, please check out Aeros' post below.
  2. Agrias

    Agrias Space Penguin Leader

    Oh my goodness.

    The visual seems fun.

    Most of all, I like saying "Ponca."

  3. Headphoner

    Headphoner Cosmic Narwhal

    that's pretty much the main reason i named it ponca :p
  4. Agrias

    Agrias Space Penguin Leader

  5. Headphoner

    Headphoner Cosmic Narwhal

    just found out there's a place called ponca city O_O
  6. PekingDuck

    PekingDuck Void-Bound Voyager

    Hey, what's a Ponca's favourite Disney movie?

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  7. Aeros

    Aeros Starship Captain

    Maybe you should make it so in it's tentacle form it can stick to the player's head and control them. A bit like Half Life headcrabs.
    ponco.png Top left is the regular Ponco, bottom right is the inside out Ponco. an bunch of pixels I sown together on Paint.Net. :)
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  8. Headphoner

    Headphoner Cosmic Narwhal

    Maybe, and the pixel art looks amazing. Although with the pink tentacles it looks... awkward... :unsure:
  9. Epicroyal

    Epicroyal Cosmic Narwhal

    What about kirby? Wait don't invite that thing.. It ate my microphone and I had it recording.
  10. Aeros

    Aeros Starship Captain

    I kind of was tired at the tentacle one. :down:

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