WIP pononomi's additional wizard portraits

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  1. pononomi

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    a young wizard, with 12 different expressions!

    information + credits

    hi guys! these are portraits I made for a wizard marriage mod +
    dialogue overhaul I'm making. these portraits are also based off of Kal's
    version of the wizard. this version definitely caters to my personal
    preference, but I figured that a few others would like this wizard, too. :)

    I don't consider this version of the wizard to be the "younger" M. Rasmodius—
    wizard is meant to act as a completely different character. this doesn't really
    affect the portraits at all, but I figured it'd be something to keep in mind, if you
    were to use these portraits. I don't, however, mind at all if anyone ends up using
    these portraits to act as the younger version of the original wizard!

    these portraits (all 12 expressions) will be released once my marriage mod is finished
    and posted! sorry for the inconvenience.:oops:

    StardewModdingAPI_2019-05-18_14-12-39.png StardewModdingAPI_2019-05-18_14-12-53.png
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    • Rizumu85

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    • mikuuuu

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      excited for this! i have an old version of the marriage mod and i'm interested to see how you do it ^^
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      • Roskii Heiral

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        Great work so far!
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        • Elincya

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          Just found it and I hope it's still an ongoing progress! Love the portraits and new marriage mod! Watching the thread for any news c: Keep up the good work ♥
          • eirynfox

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            This looks awesome :) can't wait to marry a wizard

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