Populating your ship now that NPC spawners were removed

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    Hello. Question here. How can i bring NPCs on my ship now? The traditional NPC spawners are gone to make way for the tenants system.
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    The previous system of attaining NPCs for your ship has been replaced by the colony system. If you pay a visit to Frögg Furnishing at the Outpost, you will be able to purchase an item called a Colony Deed for 750 pixels each. These Colony Deeds can be placed on walls and will spawn an NPC if you have at least one source of lighting and a door in a closed off room. You can also place furniture to spawn very particular NPCs (Items pertaining to commerce, like chests and desks, will spawn a merchant while spear racks and mounted weapons will spawn guards).

    For more information on these NPCs, you can consult Starbounder's page on Tenants! :)
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  4. Mackinz

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    /spawnitem spawnerapex 1
    /spawnitem spawneravian 1
    /spawnitem spawnerchef 1
    /spawnitem spawnerdoctor 1
    /spawnitem spawnerfloran 1
    /spawnitem spawnerglitch 1
    /spawnitem spawnerguard 1
    /spawnitem spawnerhuman 1
    /spawnitem spawnerhylotl 1
    /spawnitem spawnerpirate 1
    /spawnitem spawnerstim 1
    /spawnitem spawnertools 1
    /spawnitem spawnerwizard 1

    Place, beam up, beam down.

    They weren't removed. The recipe for their crafting station was, and they are still perfectly accessible with admin commands or my Recipe Reorganization mod. You can craft them at the Employer's Station after crafting it from the ship's Research Station.
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