Modding Help Possible dificulties of creating a 5-block-tall race?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by alexhei1, Oct 10, 2021.

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    SHORT STORY: I'd like to create a humanoid race that's about 5 blocks tall. Could arm position and pathfinding be an issue?

    MUCH LONGER STORY: While working on another race, that's 4 blocks tall, I started wondering how hard it would be, to create a race that's one block taller than vanilla races and most modded races. Since there aren't any actual modded, humanoid races that big, from what I know, it's hard to judge whether it's as easy as creating a 4-block-tall race or MUCH harder than that.

    There are two things that concern me the most:

    - Pathfinding: Starbound was probably never made for races, that are taller than 4 blocks. Doors shouldn't be a problem, because they are 5 blocks tall.
    What about generated terrain, though? I fear that they'd get stuck on openings that are 4 blocks tall, trying to get through them.

    - Arm and weapon positioning: Since the race is bigger than others, their arms would have to be positioned a bit higher. Is it as simple, as changing a few values (x- or y-position, maybe)? If I don't modify anything in that regard, their arms would definetly rotate from where the shoulder of smaller races would be instead of their actual shoulders.

    That's about it. Any help would be appreciated. If there might be other concerns for this issue, do tell me!
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    I'ma copy a response I wrote to someone wanting to make a smaller race


    The woggles are a smaller race.

    In their species folder they have a custom config they use in place of the vanilla humanoid.config. It is enabled by having the line "humanoidConfig" : "/species/woggle.config", in their species file. The humanoid/woggle folder has custom frame files.

    I haven't played around with making a smaller race myself so I can't go into detail about exactly what to do. My suggestion to you would be to start adding what I've listed, and tweak it."
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    That's good to know! Especially the custom frame files.

    I'll post a bit more if I stumble onto issues further down the road.
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    Is that the whole log?
  5. alexhei1

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    No, but it doesn't matter anymore though.
    I completely forgot the race's S.A.I.L. and the initial quest!
    It's working fine now!

    I'll just delete my post containing the log, since it'll just confuse anybody that stumbles onto this thread.
    Still, thank you for your input!
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