Possible NEW RACE for Starbound 1.0

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by InfamousVesper, May 21, 2016.


DO you think that this is a new race thing?

  1. Yeah, Its possible

  2. No, Your an idiot

  1. InfamousVesper

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    I wouldn't say your an idiot, but I'd say that's a design concept more then anything. They have a good deal of textural variety and having a missing head breaks the monotony and implies an ancient worn aspect to the place, untouchable by you, but not by time. I'd say it's a design choice, not some easter egg reveal. I mean why would some ancient race leave the face open? "Lets get ready for when the dev-gods make a new race in the future." Who knows I guess it could be possible...
  3. Darkwhip

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    In my opinion, I don't think a new race is on the way, but in the history of Starbound, that missing face could be "The Ancients" which I think could also be those aliens who took some Avians to experiment on them (Source Avian lore) and created the Glitchs.
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    Please note that one-word posts are frowned upon. And you really didn't need to bump a two month-old thread just to correct someone's spelling.
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    Oh oopsie, I'm terribly ashamed.. Didn't really know the age of the thread
    I apologise and I'll try to keep in mind the note.

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