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  1. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    SR will be back, idk about Fable.
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  2. Witch Cat

    Witch Cat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I made the awful mistake of going into this trusting only my gut but now my gut has no idea what is going on
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  3. Jimlad 42

    Jimlad 42 Supernova

    Tell me about it. I was using my head, and my gut as kind of a last resort.
    Now my gut's stopped trusting my head and my head only trusts my gut to not be mafia. They refuse to comment on any of you guys.
  4. FranticLibra

    FranticLibra Great Scott!

    @Dragonclaw you didn't tell me what to do with your night actions and didn't vote for anybody twice each, all in a row. Three people modkilled and one timezone killed ;-; let's make a simple poll : reply to this message telling if you want this game to continue or no. If more votes will be yes, we will continue.
    @Jake9039 @Jimlad 42 @Witch Cat @The Purple Dragon @CjBeats
    three votes are enough to continue the game.
    Poll ends when all people answered.
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  5. Ryast

    Ryast Void-Bound Voyager

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  6. FranticLibra

    FranticLibra Great Scott!

    ryast, you aren't playing this game...
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  7. Ryast

    Ryast Void-Bound Voyager

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  8. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    You aren't allowed to vote twice either
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  9. Witch Cat

    Witch Cat Scruffy Nerf-Herder


    (I mean, as Jim said there is pretty much no chance of winning this, sooo...)
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  10. Jimlad 42

    Jimlad 42 Supernova

    Nah, let's not.
  11. Jake9039

    Jake9039 Pangalactic Porcupine

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  12. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    I suppose I can either be difficult and keep it alive or let it die mercifully, I vote no.
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  13. FranticLibra

    FranticLibra Great Scott!

    Well, since there are five players and three of them said no, there is no reason to continue this game. I am gonna post the winners but it won't make a lot of sense.

    1. shadow - @voiditect - lost, killed
    2. shadow - @Dragonclaw - lost, modkilled, not active enough
    3. noble hyotl - @Jimlad 42 - won, survived till game stopped
    4. alpaca - @The Purple Dragon - lost, didn't got lynched
    5. aquatic ambassador - @Witch Cat cat - won, survived till game stopped
    6. aquatic ambassador - @Zebe - won, modkilled by me because of timezones, doesn't deserve to loose
    7. aquatic ambassador - @Apathy Applied - lost, modkilled, stopped being active after first day
    8. novakid bandit - @PsychoSoldier - lost, killed
    9. cultist hidden - @611 - lost, killed
    10. cursed cultist - @Jake9039 - won, survived till game stopped
    11. alpaca guardian angel - @CjBeats - won, lynched first day
    12. alpaca spirit connecter - @HunterC1998 - lost, modkilled, not active at all.

    The game wasn't so bad, it just kind of broke at the end. Yes, there was no mafia. I think that in this game towns had a bit of advantage, but like, three players didn't use their nightactions at all and two of them were non town so...

    Special thanks for @Ryast for helping me with setting the game and @Alkanthe for moding for me when I was absent.
    I also already have an idea for another mafia game, so please tell me if you are interested for it ;)

    here are the night actions:

    @Zebe - message to @witchcat

    This is 611.

    And now.

    As soon as the next day begins, you will claim Militant and say you shot at Zebe.

    When I give you a sign, you will post this entire message.

    Good luck.
    @witchcat - message to @Dragonclaw

    -.-. .... . .... / .--. -..- ...- .-- / . .... / .-- -.. -. .... --.- / --. .-. --.. --.-
    -.-. .... . .... / .--. -..- ...- .-- / . .... / .-- -.. -. .... --.- / --. .-. --.. --.-
    -.-. .... . .... / .--. -..- ...- .-- / . .... / .-- -.. -. .... --.- / --. .-. --.. --.-
    +photo of ceasar
    @Jimlad protects @PsychoSoldier
    @611 stabs @PsychoSoldier
    @voiditect investigates @purpledragon
    @CjBeats protects @PsychoSoldier
    @PsychoSoldier stoles @hunterc vote
    @Jake9039 curse-stabs @witchcat 1=fails 2=kills rolled=1

    jake curse - stabs 611 1=fail 2=stab rolled=2
    witch cat sends psychosoldier this:
    +-++-+-- / +--+-++- / +--+--++ / +--+--++ / ++-+++++ / +-++-+-+ / +--++++- / +--+-+-- / +--++-+-
    611 stabs psychosoldier
    voiditect investigates 611
    psychosoldier steals purpledragon's vote
    jimlad protects jimlad
    cjbeats protects jake

    there is lack of notes for third night, I don't even remember if this is the third night or not...

    sorry to everyone for all the problems...
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  14. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    We didn't make it to the end of N3 anyway
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  15. voiditect

    voiditect Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I'm so sorry this didn't work.
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  16. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Oh btw I'm up for another game
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  17. Witch Cat

    Witch Cat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Well this was still fun!
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  18. Jimlad 42

    Jimlad 42 Supernova

    I'd be up for another game.

    And I was so close to saving Psycho! I just wasn't QUITE able to distance my own biases enough!
    If I hadn't thought I'd been as obvious a target, I would have assumed that it was more likely that Psycho would be attacked and not protected than I, and he would have lived!

    Wait, who did CJ protect N2...?

    CJ? Could you explain to me why you protected Jake that night?
    No one in their right minds would target Jake that night except for a militant.

    Anyway, it's interesting to see how my predictions compared to the results.
    On night 2 I actually assumed someone would go for void, witch, or purple. And I had thurough reasoning behind it to. (Which was likely my first mistake.)
    Just because, here's what my thoughts were while figuring out who to protect N2.

    611 seems like either a target or the targeter... Gah, I'm having trouble thinking about this. Okay, not guarding them.
    Jake is clearly scum, and can die for all I care- Unless something very unlikely happened and was possible. But still, not protecting.
    I MIGHT be a target, but I can't tell, I just don't know. If I think there are no other good targets to protect, I'll self protect.
    Void, still reads as scum to me. If I were scum, that's actually who I would target next if they weren't also scum. Maybe.
    Apathy, A likely target, but I'm not sure one worth protecting, no offense. They haven't said much, or participated much; they just aren't likely to be too relevant. Not protecting.
    Psycho, to me still very much reads town, we were mislead by Jake. Worth protecting, but as scum I wouldn't target them because right at this moment there's some questioning of if they're town or not, or at least there very well could be. (Note: Keep an eye on whoever accuses Psycho, scum would work hard to make Psycho look like scum.)
    Hunter: MIA, not going to be attacked.
    Dragonclaw, I'm not sure how people are reading him, that might make him a likely target.
    Purple, this actually seems like a very likely target to me, once I look back. They seem just town enough that they're potentially not scum, and just scum enough that no one would think to guard them.
    Witch, been targeted once, might be targeted again, might be lying about that but it seems unlikely. Still, likely a 50/50 chance of them dying from it assuming the same cultist attacks them. Maybe a target.

    Okay, the mafia would see each player as...
    611 is a good target, but killing a potential ally isn't the best idea. No, we won't.
    Jake is going to die tomorrow. No need to speed it up.
    Jimlad has been active, and helpful. He's definitely town, but he doesn't seem like someone CJ would guard tonight. A likely target.
    Void could be an ally, but they seem to be trying to help town. They're a target.
    Apathy, no one would see it coming.
    Psycho is clearly town, but he could be protected tonight and we might be able to get him lynched tonight.
    Hunter can't do anything important.
    Dragonclaw hasn't been active, this would be a save kill. No one would guard DC, but he's said himself he isn't going to be too useful.
    Purple is a good target, we thought they might be neutral, and willing to work with us, but it's now clear that they're town and going to help them, a likely target.
    Witch has been targeted already, if they aren't guarded then the Cultist will kill them.

    And CJ's view:
    611 helped me, so I might try to keep him alive. The mafia might target him since he's town but hasn't been too open about it, he's not going to be guarded.
    Jake is clearly scum, and I'm not saving him if he dies.
    Jimlad's a likely target, he's been active and is clearly town, this would be the mafia's second choice of targets.
    Void doesn't seem like town to me, I won't waste a night guarding them.
    Apathy hasn't been too active, no one would waste any time on someone who didn't show up that day.
    Psycho seems like too obvious a choice, they wouldn't target them.
    DC: A likely choice if the mafia are cowards, a very safe option that no one would expect.
    Purple: Also a likely cowardly choice, but if Jim and Psycho are right then they're a Stargazer, and death wouldn't effect much, just a vote.
    Witch: Might have been attacked, this might be a good option to protect, but just like purple it might be better to protect someone else.

    So, looking back, that means that I should:
    611, might be guarded but likely not attacked.
    Jake: Not going to be guarded, not going to be attacked.
    Jimlad: Might be a target. (assuming I'm distancing my own thoughts far enough to be able to see it as an outsider.) Worth guarding.
    Void might be targeted, but won't be protected. Not worth guarding.
    Apathy won't be targeted, nor protected.
    Psycho might be targeted and might be protected, it all depends on how many steps ahead everyone is, and how they're stepping ahead.
    DC won't be targeted or protected.
    Purple might be targeted and won't be protected, but might be worth guarding.
    Witch won't be targeted by mafia, won't be protected, and might be targeted by a cultist.

    Trimmed down:
    Jimlad, Void, Psycho, Purple, or Witch.
    So, of these five, who is most valuable, most likely to be attacked, and most likely to be protected.
    Jimlad is actually valuable, void might not be, psycho likely is, purple and witch aren't that valuable and if one dies that might tell us the other.
    Jimlad, and Psycho.
    Psycho seems too obvious a choice to me, but I'm also wanting to keep myself alive now that I view myself as a target.
    Bah, I'll play it safe, I know for sure I'm town, we can't be certain with Psycho; there's a chance that I'm misreading them.

    As you can see, I put waaaay too much thought into this part of the game. It was really fun. More so given I was trying to predict who CJ would try to protect.
    Oh yeah, very much so! :3
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  19. Ryast

    Ryast Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm thinking maybe we should wait until the end of the mafia championships game that alk is in, since that'd mean we'd probably get more players and don't have to hunt them down like this game.
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  20. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova

    Don't count on it.
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