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  1. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I'll be honest

    The particular possible roles immediately put me in mind of a mirror game, so I would totally try to do that D2.

    Also, @FranticLibra can you change the thread title please?
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  2. FranticLibra

    FranticLibra Great Scott!

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  3. FranticLibra

    FranticLibra Great Scott!

    When travellers woke up, again five people filled the room. Tension was high. Why mafia didn't kill anyone?
    Nobody died.​

    The Day ends:

    1 AM UTC +2

    on Wednesay 23th August or if there'll be a hammer in three hours.

    @611 @CjBeats @Jimlad 42 @Ryast @Jake9039
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  4. Ryast

    Ryast Void-Bound Voyager

    Vote: jimmy boy
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  5. CjBeats

    CjBeats Weight of the Sky

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  6. Ryast

    Ryast Void-Bound Voyager

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  7. Ryast

    Ryast Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm assuming he's the sly lily
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  8. Jimlad 42

    Jimlad 42 Supernova

    (Wow, 3 mentions while I was at school for an hour. All 3 actually in a 13 minute time spam. And here I was starting to panic.)
    So, really, I ask you guys this: who do you all trust more? Me or 611? Who do you think you could kill to win this faster? Who do you more expect to be the remaining town?
    The person who's already stated that he would totally do... exactly what I'm saying he would do. (And has stated that he basically figured out he could when the game started) or the person who would have had no idea to even try to do it?
    My point still stands. He's not acting like he normally does, he's been too normal, too typical. He never does that. Not unless he has a deep plan, one that relies on everyone assuming he's exactly what they think he is.
    I mean, I have no idea how he could expect to win, given he's horribly outnumbered still, but he could just want to cause as much chaos as possible as he goes down. That's totally in keeping with his character.

    So, take your pick, who do you trust more? Me or 611?
    Vote: 611.
  9. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Vote: Jim

    Unfortunately, I have a defense here.

    Hey guys, go take a look at my posts from early game.

    Go count how many times I used the word illusion.

    Oh and I might have mentioned I wasn't very sly, I don't remember if I used that post or not
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  10. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Should mention that the last town is down to Jake or Jim, and my money is on Jim.

    Although obviously Ryast could be it
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  11. Ryast

    Ryast Void-Bound Voyager

    We should really hammer in the first 3 hours to speed this up
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  12. Jimlad 42

    Jimlad 42 Supernova

    3, one used well after everyone knew what was going on. I'd be willing to give you that first one though, that would be really early to start planting the seeds. The second one though, I would be weary of; you mentioned already that just from the role list you got the idea that this was a mirror game. I wouldn't expect that to be your first instinct first thing, for that first mention, but for the second one I could see you having at least considered it and just planting some evidence in case you need it later. On the one hand, that seems far fetched, on the other hand, I wouldn't quite put it past you. (Barely.)
    Hadn't really thought about it, seemed to me like Jake was one of the messengers.
    And Ryast... I actually hadn't payed any heed to him, that might be worth thought on my part.
    Sadly, hammering a vote doesn't seem to be a thing here!
    Oh, hammering is a thing now. Cool.
  13. FranticLibra

    FranticLibra Great Scott!

    30 minutes for hammer or there won't be one today btw :p
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  14. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    The thing is, only one of you or Jake should have known the proper response to the message I received last night

    And well...

    His was more correct.
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  15. CjBeats

    CjBeats Weight of the Sky

    Sorry for my absence, I was playing the escapists 2.

    And Jim how about this, we kill you and if you turn up penguin I'll kill Kam tonight.

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  16. Jimlad 42

    Jimlad 42 Supernova

    You do understand that he would most likely be the Sly Lily if he's town, and a night kill would just kill a mafia, right?

    And yeah, I can see your logic. And I can fully agree with it. It's what I would be doing. Still, it would be nice if we could just kill 611 off tonight rather than later. Oh well.
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  17. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I mean, even if I'm an illusionist, I'll swap myself with someone to keep safe.

    Anyway, we should avoid killing tonight, even if he flips penguin.
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  18. Jake9039

    Jake9039 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Well now that we have an almost clear view on a town, we might as well get them now.
    I'm sorry that I'm not more active, my phone doesn't email notify anymore, and my laptop died recently.
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  19. FranticLibra

    FranticLibra Great Scott!

    611: Jimlad 42
    Jimlad 42: Jake9039, 611, Ryast, Cjbeats

    Jimlad 42 dies


    Penguins surround the last person they believe to be a civilian and murder him with cold blood at the end of the day.
    Sly Lily jimlad 41 died

    611 - penguin illusionist - WON
    Cjbeats - penguin - WON
    Jimlad 42 - sly lily - DIED DAY 5, LOST
    Ryast - penguin protector - WON
    Voiditect - aquatic ambassador - DIED DAY 3, LOST
    The Purple Dragon - penguin investigator - DIED DAY 2, WON
    Witch Cat - mikignog interrogator - DIED NIGHT 2
    HunterC1998 - noble hyotl - DIED DAY 4, LOST
    PsychoSoldier - shadow - DIED NIGHT 1, LOST
    jake9039 - penguin messenger - WON
    geheimnisvol - boring human - DIED DAY 1, LOST

    -votes @PsychoSoldier for mafia kill
    -sends message to @Ryast "vote to nightkill psycho if you are the mafia. If you ARE mafia, then put in size 1 font 'the novakid glows at night' I will answer 'the robot chicken zaps at dawn' may the syndicate win"

    -investigates 611

    -protects 611
    -votes @PsychoSoldier for mafia kill

    -votes @Jake9039 for mafia kill

    Witch Cat:
    -investigates @The Purple Dragon

    -sends message to @CjBeats "Hello again. I hope this letter finds you well, for I have suspicions about the true roles of my fellows. I hope you are not plotting against us."

    -votes @Zebe for mafia kill
    -swaps @611 with @CjBeats

    The Purple Dragon:
    -votes @Ryast for mafia kill

    Jimlad 41:
    -swaps @CjBeats with @voiditect

    -protects @CjBeats

    -swaps self with @CjBeats
    -vote @witchcat for mafia kill

    -vote @611 for mafia kill

    Jimlad 42
    -swaps self with @CjBeats

    -vote @witchcat for mafia kill
    -protect 611

    -sends message to @HunterC1998 "One down in our list of targets. Who do you think our foes are?"

    Witch Cat
    -investigates @Jimlad 42


    -votes @Ryast for nightkill
    -sends message to @CjBeats "The previous message was sent to ryast. You are next. If you are penguin, then put in size 1 font:"the novakid glows at night" I will respond with the "roborooster zaps at dawn" long live the syndicate"


    -mafia kills jimlad
    -swaps self with ryast

    -mafia kill jimlad
    -sends cj mssage "Cj, let's weed out the town together. We need to put the town to bed..."

    -protect Jimlad
    -mafia kill jimlad

    -swap self with 611

    Well guys, I kind of failed with game system, should add more non towns, but hey, not all my games can be perfect right? My school will start in next to weeks, because of what I'm worried I will have to stop hosting, but who knows? I plan on going with one more game before school and then I'll see how much time will school take from me. I will now make a thread for third game! Soon I'll post a link to it here!
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  20. voiditect

    voiditect Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    D'onh! I KNEW someone swapped me and Cj!
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