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Closed Preorder / Steam / Key

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by DracePhoenix, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. DracePhoenix

    DracePhoenix Space Spelunker

    I've got some questions, which haven't been answered the way i was searching for, so I guess I'll just ask them here:

    1. If you pre-order the game right now, IF you get a steam-key AND a Starbound copy, is it possible to play the game without steam / could you give that steam-key to someone else OR is your Starbound copy BOUND to your Steam.
    2. Will Starbound 100% be available on Steam (because of the Steam-Key)
    If yes ->
    3. Are there any more payment options coming / Could the Starbound pre-order be bought via Steam (BEFORE the start of the actual beta)? Or will it even be possible to buy the released game on Steam?

    I'm just asking because me and my friends would like to get a (pre-order) 4-pack together, but the existing payment methods aren't really an option for us.
  2. Autzome

    Autzome Black Hole Surfer

    i believe it was mentioned before that you could use steam ooor you could download it directly from their site.
  3. plaYer2k

    plaYer2k Pangalactic Porcupine

    1) Yes you will be able to play the DRM free version you can download through the humble store without the need to play through steam. Yet you get the steam key as additional service, but you still bought only ONE license so giving the key to anyone else would be against the "rules" :3

    2) What do you mean with 100% available? They plan on adding steam features to the game if you meant that, also both versions (Steam and Humble store) shall be sync.

    3) dunno ... Currently you get the default payment methods from Humble Store and "soonTM" you get steams payment methods aswell ... everything else depends on where they publish the game through like Desura maybe.

    I think there will be options to get a 4pack from someone, how would you like to pay otherwise?
  4. DracePhoenix

    DracePhoenix Space Spelunker

    A lot of people are asking for a PaySafeCard paying method. If it would be possible, that someone could buy me the 4-pixel-pack, I'd give him 45€ worth in PSC.
  5. NightFire

    NightFire Parsec Taste Tester

    is it normal for my steam key to by invalid as of now?
  6. FenixR

    FenixR Cosmic Narwhal

    Yes because there really isn't a steam key yet. They will be giving those when the game is released not before.
  7. NightFire

    NightFire Parsec Taste Tester

    o.o i thought the *****-*****-***** link thing was the key(the #$%@#-@#$%@-@#%$@#% the 5 digit code on the humble bundle page that leads you to your purchase)
  8. FenixR

    FenixR Cosmic Narwhal

    Nah thats just a key/link to send your unique starbound purchase where you can claim stuff like badges and naming your NPC and stuff like that. Also to place your email so you get notified when the game is released and they can send your Steam code when it is.
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