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    I guess it's intentional that something can be more valuable in its raw form than what it potentially becomes as a prepared food? For example, a large iridium quality goat milk can become either a goat cheese worth less or a gold goat cheese worth more than its original value. The art of creating the prepared versions stands to reason you can't expect even the best ingredients to overcome a poorly produced result, but it feels a little frustrating to be made to face the prospect of gambling away my income like that, especially because the veg side of things is not like that, where you always and only ever increase value via preparation.

    I'm also interested if anyone knows how to get iridium results from the machines because so far despite using lots of iridium quality raw materials I have never gotten an iridium result, which has me a bit flummoxed.
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      Cheese and mayonnaise are pretty simple: If you put in a 'small' raw ingredient, you get no star. If you put in a 'large' raw ingredient, you get a gold star quality. That's all. (Incidentally, that means that the large iridium goat milk you mentioned in your post will only ever become a gold goat cheese. It isn't random.)

      The only way to get iridium quality cheese is to to age the cheese in your cellar.
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