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Bug/Issue Prevent a [Black Midi] [Black ABC] from being played?

Discussion in 'Nightly Builds Support' started by Forcedminer, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Forcedminer

    Forcedminer Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hello starbounders,

    I was on a server there yesterday and it was exciting seeing so many players at one place.
    now it doesn't bother me as much but a player started playing an instrument with a song i guess can be called an ABC version of a [Black Midi] its main effect was that it reduced my frame rate to below 5 fps while the user was playing other users were complaining so i know it wasn't just affecting me it also didn't sound so good since i've a feeling starbounds abc style can't play 50 notes at once. :p

    my suggestion if possible would be
    to limit the max amount of notes that can be played by a player at once.....
    or something more simple....
    limit the max file size that can be set....
    then again a [Black Midi] burst could be made...

    if you don't know what a [Black Midi] is check this video for a prime example of one

    P.S I've dabbled a bit with midi to abc conversions with a program like midi anvil that [black midi] could be compressed into one track and that track converted to an abc and loaded into starbound

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