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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Yavor, Dec 31, 2016.

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    Dear Chucklefish, Dear Community,

    I have always been enthralled by diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy. I believe that it is the key to successful world building. That made me come to the idea of procedurally generated races. They do not have to be something different from the original 6-7 races in the game, and they do not necessarily have to inhabit any different buildings, or wear any different weapons and armor. I just do believe that they will contribute greatly to the experience in the game. They may be nothing more than tenants, summoned by specific one type of furniture (like “deep space bed” or “distant galaxy light”, etc.), nothing more than an NPC, which has only visual image, assembled by random parts. Random parts for head, random parts for hands, feet, tail or wings, maybe even body. But it would be most welcome addition. Imagine the Star Wars scene in the bar in “New Hope” – all sorts of strange aliens, who talk, drink and even play music. Wouldn’t that be something which every landlord would want in his colony?

    These races do not have to be playable. They may not need a ship, weapons or anything really. They may just add to the atmosphere without encumbering the game or its development.

    I hope that this is an idea which is practically achievable, no matter if it would be an actual game feature, or a mod (crafted by a skilled modder from the community). I, personally, would greatly appreciate more procedural generation in the contents of the game, so this idea is more like a plea to the modding community, as well as to the developers of Chucklefish. I hope you like it! I’m sure many people will.

    I wish you All a Happy New Year’s Eve Celebration!

    Kind Regards!

  2. soarin24

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    yea we do need more alien races

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