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    This is my first role play thread and It has hatched from child'splay of years passed by. It started as a backyard game and it escalated into more and more stories. It deals with wars and the like from the past and in the future. I evolved the story so much that I was able to make a series out of it. This thread will be open to continuing the story. It may reach into darker themes and aspects of characters' lives and backstories, so if that would unnerve you, please turn away. Now that that's out of the way, we can get on with the story. APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN, ENJOY.

    The Story:
    It started back in medieval times with crazy cultists trying to crate perfect warriors and evolved over time into a government funded program building mechanical agents from the ground up. The most notable subject would have to be the knight deemed the name Sir One, for he was the first of his kind. He was altered by dark magics to be stronger and faster and more resistant than his lesser brethren. He, unfortunately passed away from what the medieval doctors could not recognize as cancer. A long time later, during the Renaissance, A second "super soldier" was created. He was an average man who was given a special suit of armor and specially crafted weapons made from rare and expensive materials that stood the test of time long enough for a third suit to be made and mass produced during the 1700's. Later during the 1700's, after the project proved to be a total disaster, a fouth model was created and soon after, also scrapped. By now these were nothing but hollow machines. The fifth model was made in 1795 and lasted until 1804. The sixth model was created and scrapped in the same week. The seventh model, probably the 2nd longest lasting lasting, lasted from 1810 all the way to the 1880's. 1900 the ninth model was created. Along with the ninth model of these unnamed government projects were a number of augmentation programs. These augmentation programs gave birth to many important people such as Agen C. Volt and Agent Viper. In the early 1900's the tenth and most successful model was created. Christened, oh so creatively, Project 10, this machine was destined to be the best Agent the program would ever see. He was stronger, faster, stealthier, and more intelligent than all but one augmented soldier. That soldier was, of course, Viper. They were a team neither was better than the other, however both claimed to be. They were the best of friends, going on many adventures and solving ancient puzzles together. They thwarted many many enemies, exploring deep into their own psyches and discovering new things about themselves that they never would now otherwise. Project 10 was engineered to be a semi-organic machine, meaning that, while he kept most of his physical abilities honed to perfection, he would age and one day he would cease to exist, if his creators so desired. Later models were created without this feature, making 10 even more one of a kind. Over the years, he proved to be even more powerful than his predecessors and all of the models created after him. He grew old and changed having learned many new techniques and abilities over the years. Now he is old and you are his pupil. You must learn to master the arts on different missions and such as you will be trained my the greatest warrior ever to live.
    P.S: This is basically the way this entire world functions, kinda like Divergent, but under these conditions.

    The "Races" of agent in the organization.
    -Human: Humans have a balanced range of sats and are the most simple to use.
    -Augmented: Augmented are slightly faster and stronger than Humans, but are less charismatic and persuasive.
    -Machines: Machines are, well, machines. They don't need too much introduction, but they are stronger and more resistant than Augmented but slower than Humans. They have poor charisma and persuasion.

    CLASSES: (Sub-Classes coming soon)
    There are a few classes that may be chosen from.
    - Warrior: You have chosen to be a warrior. You are trained in melee and strength. You wield a sword, of what type is your choice
    - Ranger: You have chosen to be a ranger. You are trained in ranged and stealth. You wield a small caliber, scoped pistol.

    -Farmer: (Human only) You aren't one for war, instead you prefer to supply rather than demand. You will fight later, you wield a basic melee weapon that will be able to be replaced later.
    While, you are all disciples of 10, There are different factions or houses you can align with, 3 to be specific.
    -The Council of Order: The Council of Order, or TCO, believe that the humans, augmented, and Machines should all be housed and managed
    separately in order to help maintain a sort of balance of power.
    -The Order of Smo: The Order of Smo, or TOS, believes that everyone should just be made to be happy and everyone shall prosper. They hold parties with alcohol and feasts often.
    -The Lesser Hand of Nature: The Lesser Hand of Nature, LHN, believes that the
    Augmented and Machines are unnatural and should be destroyed and the whole organization should be discontinued.

    *You can influence how much traction your faction has by remaining active in the RP and OOC. There will be polls every now and then to get an atmosphere of which faction is liked the most. These will also affect the traction of each faction.

    No role play thread would be complete without rules, right? So here are ours.
    1.) NO GODMODDING! I've seen entire RP's have to be shut down because of stupid people godmodding. these people are annoying and they disrupt other players. That's not cool.
    2.) Cursing is permitted, but not
    excessively. I don't want to see the F-bomb every other word in your posts.
    3.) No drama. Drama has torn friends apart , and i have quite the distaste for it. Please do not do anything to purposefully disrupt other players or tell lies about them. If you have a complaint, please bring it up with a GM(me), and we will take care of it.

    GMs - @SpaceMonkeyRingo
    IC will be open soon, so please, if you want to join be patient these take consideration and stuff, they're not easy. Words and stuff. Professionalism.​
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    Well to bad this is dead, I would have liked to join.

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