proposal. add random invasion of bosses and other races.

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  1. elisey777

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    accidental intrusion. a unique proposal. a boss or those who will come and sometimes the attack.
    A. offers a reasonable body. attacking other planets and perhaps those who captures the complexity of 100. Attacks rarely.usually those planets that are suitable for habitation.
    2 alien invasion. possible to add as alien invaders who attack civilians of the city or the base.

    may meet at 100 and 80 of a rarity.
    Three. Offers space pirates. those who like to attack the city or base for the robbery. sometimes attack karabli or stations to profittreasures. 100 complexity can build your city limits.

  2. elisey777

    elisey777 Pangalactic Porcupine

    leave a comment.;) I think if you get to the wizard, you can expect a hostile invasion of the race.
    each of the races will have a smile. a good means he loves you, and may become an ally :). evil does not mean they love and want to war with you.
  3. uigfnbxs

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    Of course, alien invasions! Just what a game about space needs :D

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