Story Protectorate Rising: A Starbound Story (Updated 21/04/20)

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    i don't read fanficton very often but i can tell yours is very well written and is great so far.:nurunaughty:
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    This is very well-written. I look forward to seeing future chapters.

    Although the in-game cutscenes indicate that those who are defeated are restored at their ship in the vanilla lore, I prefer the idea of emergency teleporting because it can much more easily explain how one is returned to their ship with their consciousness - or what some may argue to be their soul - after being defeated. Considering that the ship would need to very accurately detect fatal hazards - which SAIL would likely be able to do - and very quickly teleport the user away, my hypothesis is that emergency teleports would also use a much larger amount of energy than standard forms of teleportation.
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    Chapter 12 is up!
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    I hope this General Kate is not like those clique Generals in movies.
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    I want to read more about this story! i love it! a great idea to let more than one protector on one ship. i wish you Luck writing the rest of this story, and plz hurry!
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    I'm afraid this story has fallen by the wayside a bit, what with university and my H&L rewrite. But I do intend to continue it, and I'll likely find the time to keep working on it soon now that the university semester's winding down.
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    i can wait, but i have to say, this story is great! i hope i can make my story somewhat as good.
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    Chapter 13 is up! Sorry it's been a while. As I've said, my writing focus has been on Human & Lupusad for much of the year. But I'll still try to find the time to continue this story.
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  10. Jonesy

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    I know it's been a long time between chapters, but chapter 14 is up!

    As I've said before, I've been largely busy with H&L. I'm currently angling to have the reboot / novelization finished by the end of the year. This is also the final year of my writing degree, and I'll be undertaking several major projects. Still, I have no intention of dropping Protectorate Rising, even though it's unfortunately going to be a secondary project for the foreseeable future. But I'll keep at it.
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    hooray! youre not giving up this story! i was a little worried
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    awesome can't wait to read it
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    Hi everyone. I know I kinda let this fic fall by the wayside, and for that I apologize. I'm aiming to become a writer professionally, so most of my writing time now goes towards projects that will facilitate that. However, between graduating university and finding myself in the middle of a pandemic, I've now got plenty of time on my hands. With the amount of time I now spend writing, I've decided to try and dedicate some more towards continuing Protectorate Rising. As such, there'll be a new chapter sometime in the coming week or so, and hopefully many more to follow.

    Edit: Chapter 15 is up!
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    Chapter 16 is up!
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