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Providences Story

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Eoma, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Eoma

    Eoma Space Hobo

    Now, we all know that Providence is the main villain of the story but with as faint as the main story is in reality what if providence is the hero? And you, the (insert character name here)-protagonist is in reality the villain? It would make sense? As he calls you a monster, just for taking him down on occasion, maybe you are an intergalactic rebel, or war lord and he was sent to take you out?
    So my suggestion here, is to enable an ability to play as providence, as he does sort of have a skill set, I'm going to use a form of list here that sort of... goes by the character suggestion format below VV. But, I suggest that you start off in the Risk of Rain, and Fight off against the character, then as providence you beam down and have to fight through all of the maddening creatures on the planet (possibly even new ones to make this game mode even further unique? In which you either conquer the player again (whom would be overpowered) in the elder grounds or in the desolate Forrest?

    Now from this suggestion you could also make this the "super hard" mode, and form the concept around not being able to make providence cybernetic, only allowing him to gain life from the foes he kills (blood seeker sword or something interesting like that). Now, the idea of this being hard could invoke the idea of challengers and the such ;3 so I suggest the requirements to be as such V

    • Have all characters Unlocked
    • Have 20 Monster logs
    • Have unlocked all artifacts (ALL OF THEM)
    • Have 50+ hours of play time
    • Having beaten the game on monsoon with the difficulty of HAHAHAHAHAHA in action.
    • Have over Half the character achievements
    • Have over 75% of the game completed
    • Have played with each character over 30 times
    • Having beaten the game with every Character on Monsoon difficulty.
    Crazy requirements?
    Nah, I've done 80% of this in around 54 hours of game play :3
    My reccomendations?
    Providence cannot get certain items.
    Providence also, cannot go into a godmode state, the shield is only useable in the last fight but then I recommend the foe (char) also be supremely overpowered, also I recommend it be the Character that YOU played the most!

    Providence (in the Hand of the player!)
    Speed: +++
    Jump: ++++
    Regen: ++++
    Skill set:
    Slash: Slash foe with your sword at a quicker than normal rate for 90% damage (yet extra speed)
    Heavenly strike: Come down upon your foe with your sword for 130% Damage causing minor stun and Knockback.
    Pulsing light: (providences thing when he stabs the ground with his sword and shit exploads) deals 170% damage with minor knock back)
    Warp: (Spin round dealing 130% damage to any foe for less than a second and vanish into a wave of darkness appearing on the edge of either the right or left portion of the screen)
    *Passive: Shield: only active in the final fight, every 1/4th of your health bar your shield goes up to protect you for 30s*
    *Passive: Summon Wyrms, hand of providence* Half way through your health bar, or all the way through your entire first health bar, you summon the guilded wyrms you once fought before yet this time you aim them with your mouse and shoot their attacks etc.*

    Second health bar etc, if you win you not only have a chance of getting the monster log of the Character you where fighting *mercanary etc* but you have the chance to get the Providence log :3

    • New Game mode
    • New foes
    • New difficulties
    • New Character to play as
    • More to do
    • New monster logs
    • Possibly a new map or item depending on where this goes.
    • The possiblity of failing horridly with the update.
    • It not happening
    • brutal lag
    • Compiling errors
    • 404
    • Nothing

    So, take it into consideration! this could be an amazing new installment!
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