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Bug/Issue (PS4) Pam missing from my save completely, cant progress game!! Halp!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Chlo-poke, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Chlo-poke

    Chlo-poke Void-Bound Voyager

    Okay so I've seen so many people with this "Pam is missing" issue on PC but all the solutions I've found involve editing the game save file, however as far as I'm aware there isn't a way to do that on PS4, is my save completely screwed? I was trying to speed run to all the end game stuff :( I have completed the Joja (I know I'm an awful person ;)) payments to get the bus working and it worked fine for a couple trips but then suddenly she stopped coming to drive the bus, she vanished from the friendship list, she doesn't turn up to events and can't be found anywhere, it's been about a whole season, I check every day and all different times but nothing, she's completely disappeared. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to get her back?!
    Thanks in advance!
    • MysticTempest

      MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

      I'd go report this in the main bug thread for consoles: http://community.playstarbound.com/...ox-one-ps4-known-issues-fixes-patch-1.128148/

      You can let them know it occurs on PC as well, and reference for example this recent one for PC: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/pam-is-missing-help-me-please.129866/

      I still don't know what causes it. People who bring it up don't notice until multiple in-game days later. So, it's hard to find the cause; and I've never had it happen to me personally.
      But, the devs can probably add it to the list of error checking they do on save files going forward.

      As for a non-save editing fix; I'm not too sure. But, someone on Reddit mentioned doing Penny's 4heart event got her back. You could try that if you're able: https://www.reddit.com/r/StardewValley/comments/5r38pw/pam_disappeared/dd4a1dk/

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