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    Pyrosaurus Rex
    Pyrosaurus Rex ("Fire Lizard King")
    Nothing but pure primal instinct, fueled by the desire to incinerate all who stand its way into a well-done barbecue. This is the largest carnivore on the Dragoknight homeworld of Goldoa (name pending), the king of draconic beasts, Pyrosaurus Rex.

    His Majesty is not a picky eater. Being the apex predator of its ecosystem, anything that moves is on the menu. That inanimate rock that happened to roll down the hill? A mineral enriched snack. Your limp carcass that fell off that steep incline? A tasty appetizer. Your spaceship that tried to take off? The crunchy main course (Editor's Note: P-Rex will actually rip your ship's outer hull, attempting to eat its 'innards'. It won't literally eat the ship. It will however notice the lack of tasty viscera and go into a frenzy, destroying your ship in the progress.). This monster's sheer size and ferocity drive all other competition away from its selected meal. No other predator would dare to fight it.

    Aside from P-Rex's razor sharp teeth, like most fauna on the Dragoknight homeworld, it has the ability to breath fire. This action is done through the consumption of platinum deposits commonly found throughout the planet's surface. Territory disputes between rival P-Rex break out over these platinum hot spots in addition to hunting grounds. Adding on to its offensive tools, the tail of this carnivore has enough force to topple a building with one swing. The momentum of this attack is backed by its heavy weight, which could crush a small organism into dust.

    Hunting and successfully killing a P-Rex would bring one great honor among the Dragoknight ranks. This task is no easy feat however, with only a few successful hunts being recorded in history. Even more difficult a task is taming the beast, having only been performed by Emperor Bruticus (Bahamut III). Should the tyrant fall, its valuable material can be collected for crafting. The teeth alone can be used as a weapon, with the strong reptilian hide used for the higher tiered Dragoknight armor. In fact, weaponry/armor made from P-Rex material has been dubbed 'legendary' by most experienced blacksmiths. The flesh itself is not edible, being too hot for consumption. The resulting taste would be equivalent to eating a face full of molten rock.

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    Sprites coming soon! Comments?
  2. Mianso

    Mianso Black Hole Surfer

    A t-rex.A firebreathing t-rex.Comments are futile.
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  3. Yep, we're pretty much f***ed. D:
  4. "The Pyrosaurus Rex is a relatively bulky monster that excels at close range combat, particularly in confined areas where his Flame breath is difficult to avoid. Due to its breath's wide damage spread, the Pyrosaurus Rex can focus more on outmaneuvering his opponents and has more leeway when fighting at close range. Additionally, the Pyrosaurus Rex has access to his tough skin, a powerful source of utility that allows him to forcibly reposition enemies or reflect projectiles. The overall theme of the Pyrosaurus Rex’s traits is close range power; because he lacks strong ranged abilities, he is most vulnerable when distant from enemies or when in open areas."

    Yeah, I altered the TF2 anti-pyro strat. So sue me.
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  5. Sabreur

    Sabreur Pangalactic Porcupine

    Honestly, I can't see why everyone is getting so worked up over a filthy organic creature. It's made of meat, it can't be that hard to kill. One moment...

    (Elapsed Time: 0.817 seconds)

  6. Jaguarkia

    Jaguarkia Big Damn Hero

    A T-Rex that can breathe fire? Okay, you got me. That's awesome. Are these creatures densely populated, or more rare? P.S. Do want one as a pet :giggle:
  7. Zailiner

    Zailiner Over 9000!!!

    Ok, screw my T-Rex army.
    Looks like I'll be hunting down these babies instead.
  8. ThatMrT

    ThatMrT Phantasmal Quasar

  9. Sabreur

    Sabreur Pangalactic Porcupine

    Don't be fooled, steaksauce only angers it!
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  10. They prefer to hunt alone really. You'd be screwed over if more than two were together. Not that one by itself is any better. Two's just plain overkill lol.
    Not unless they hunt you first. :p
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  11. Damuranashi

    Damuranashi Existential Complex

    I just like this. Can you imagine yourself running away from on e of these? Awesome.
  12. Doesn't look like something I'd want to run into on an expedition.
    I can picture a few of these dominating the level 100 planets.
  13. jackalope

    jackalope Big Damn Hero

    I'd love to watch a group of Dragoknights take the fight to this guy!
  14. Jaguarkia

    Jaguarkia Big Damn Hero

    In-game though, how would the 'spaceship nomming' work? Or is that just pretty much flavor text to accentuate this creature's volatile nature?
  15. Just flavor text.~
  16. Nightly

    Nightly Cosmic Narwhal

    Two things. One, I love it. Two, it has adorable little tiny arms.
  17. CommanderCnicko

    CommanderCnicko Big Damn Hero

    I would really love to see this in the game....... :sparta:CHARGE THE SPAMLAZOOORZZ!!!! FIRE AT TIY'S TWITTER!!!!! Tiy--->:chrono:
  18. Spooky

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    Lookitthosetinylittlearms. So cute.
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  19. SkarmorySilver

    SkarmorySilver Orbital Explorer

    Looks like the Dragoknight planet is quickly becoming my favorite suggested planet so far! The four-eyed face has to be my favorite part. :D

    And just an idea you could try on a separate thread... Since you now have monsters for this planet based on prehistoric creatures like T-rex and Triceratops, why not make a "pterodactyl"/pterosaur-based monster?

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