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  1. Jake Johnson

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    Do you gain more farming experience points from a crop with a possible multiple yield?

    For example, using the math on Potatoes:

    First, planting four Fat C's of Potatoes.

    Let's assume an average of 2.5 Potatoes per plant harvested.

    14 Experience points per harvest

    14 x 2.5 x 4 x 8
    (14 experience points, 2.5 assumed average Potatoes harvested, 4 Fat C's, and 8 Plants per Fat C)

    That gives me a total of 1,120 XP from those four Fat C's.

    However, if I only get the points once, then the math is different - I have to remove the 2.5 from the equation, and end up with 348 XP from those four Fat C's.

    I just learned I am wrong - only the first item harvested gets points.

    Removing the 2.5 from the equation yields the following math:

    14 x 4 x 8

    It is still 348 XP from those four Fat C's - not exactly the 1,120 I sought, but it will still do!
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    • ShneekeyTheLost

      ShneekeyTheLost Master Astronaut

      Ahem... permit me to elucidate and illuminate you to the math behind the miracle.

      First off, bonus harvests don't generate bonus xp, because xp is gained when you click to harvest the crop (which is why scythe-harvested crops yield no xp as a practical matter despite what they *should* provide), and 'bonus' harvests are calculated after this happens. So you will be gaining precisely as many times xp as you have planted potatoes. So, under your calculation, it would be:

      14 xp/harvest * 8 per 'fat C' * 4 'fat C's = 448 xp.

      This is why there's an 'all in' strategy for 48 day 1 parsnips, because that's exactly the xp needed to hit level 2 farming immediately. However, there's many problems with this, including crows taking some and getting the cash for the extra eight parsnips from somewhere, that make it non-viable for a 'normal' playthrough, at least not until I can refine a few things with it.

      You can find more information about farming experience on the wiki.
      • One More Day

        One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

        Looks like there's a slight error on the wiki

        XP is calculated off the base selling price, so blueberries, which sell for 50g, shouldn't get 14 XP, the same as potatoes, which sell for 80g

        Blueberries should only get 10 XP, the same as corn, so if someone who has an account on the wiki page wants to correct it

        EDIT: I was wrong, please do not change the wiki
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        • ShneekeyTheLost

          ShneekeyTheLost Master Astronaut

          Blueberries still give 14 xp despite only selling for 50g because back before the 1.1 update, they sold for 80g/ea, but the xp gains were never changed when the prices did
          • One More Day

            One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

            I had forgotten about the berry price slash, my bad.

            I only noticed the discrepancy with blueberries because they are listed right next to Potatoes, which OP was talking about. Now checking down the rest of the table, cranberries and ancient fruit still also get the extra XP too, cranberries 19 not 14, and ancient fruit 43 instead of 38.

            Probably doesn't matter with ancient fruit as you'll likely be level ten already by the time you harvest them in anything like meaningful quantities, but for the cranberries that's got to add up during fall. Even if you only have a modest amount, say ten sprinklers, that's 80 plants, with five harvests each during the season, that's an extra 2000 XP. And every additional sprinkler is another 250XP. That's huge!

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