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    Hey guys it's scarce here and has...

    Anyone played Quiplash before?


    I'll be your host, Ren Fox.

    At the begining of every round, I will tag two players and tell them a question.
    (Hopefully,) They will post their answers in this thread.

    As a spectator, you should like either of the answers.

    I will tally the votes.

    How I tally votes:
    Like your own answer - minus a point
    One answer has all the votes - points are multiplied by 1.5
    Person doesn't answer -Other answer gets a free, set amount if points.
    My vote is worth 2. (Lolololol)
    Normal votes are worth 1.

    If you vote / like both answers, your vote won't mean anything.
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  2. Ren Fox

    Ren Fox Big Damn Hero

    Please post below so that you can join.
    We need at least 3 players to start.

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