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    After a little (so much, so, so, much.) thought, I devised a few race based bosses, some of them would be would be lore based. Being that devising each boss would be a lot of work for one thread, I will take a few comments and devise each boss profile as I go. However, as of now, I can list some bosses that would ( except for the Floran's) be the cause of some problem in the lore. By defeating them, you'll resolve the problem, to an extent. In the area below, I will give the name for said bosses: (I haven't bothered to come up with stats yet, so they'll be added as this develops, so-to-speak.)

    Apex: You fight your way through the miniknog itself, finally getting to (and fighting) Big Ape.
    Now, see, you'll never actually SEE big ape himself, you'll be walking into a metal chamber, and in one area of it, you'll see a glass barrier, there'll be a black silhouetted figure, surrounded by monitors, that's Big Ape.

    HP: He'll take 6 charges, or 6 hits, if you want to put it that way. He has 24000 health.

    Attacks: All of his attacks will ignore armor. Like the Shockhopper, he only has 3 attacks. (will post later.)

    Avian: Your growing curiosity for Kluex leads you to explore an abnormally large Avian tomb. ( You'll fight, and kill, Kluex himself!)

    Human: As with the obvious lore, you will fight the very creature that destroyed earth. (It's not the Tentacomet, oh no, this is MUCH bigger, and fearsome, in my vision.)

    Glitch: In order to let the entirety of your race enjoy what you do, you decide to destroy the very thing linking their minds: The Central Consciousness.

    Hylotl: In an unprecedented move, you head to your home planet to drive the Floran off of it. Not only is this unprecedented for a Hylotl, the concept is absolutely ridiculous, and whoever you talk to about this vendetta will mock you for it.

    Floran: You feel like a hunt. A very, very, big hunt. So you go and find the biggest, and meanest creature you can find, and kill it.

    Novakid: I... don't know anything about novakid lore, so I'd have to agree with the people commenting below, about the novakid bandit leader thing.
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    YES! Race bosses, especially for Apex, Avians and Humans, because they actually have clear-cut enemies. Although fighting gods, high-tech dictators and giant tentacle aliens will be a massive feat...
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    I'm not so sure about the human, hylotl, glitch, and avian ideas. But I do like the other concepts. For Hylotl, maybe you could have the boss be a normal sized floran that just happens to be a total badass and the greatest hunter alive. At least until you kill him fairly easily, and they release the bone dragon boss to kill you.
    For the floran, maybe it's just an entire boss fight centered around trying to kill this gigantic monster possibly resembling something like the Jarod boss fight from the metroid series.
    For the novakid, its a standoff with the bandit leader, as hit dodges his way about the arena taking port shots at you, tossing dynamite, and trying to run you over with mine carts.
    These are just some ideas for what I think could be cool boss fights.
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    This gonna be so great, when i can hunt for it.
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    Novakids could have a boss based on Western-themed films so that the boss fits with their theme.

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