Race Suggestion: Mini-Con (Transformer Race)

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    There's a lot of crossover mods, so why not add Transformers? I have no modding experience or anything, but I just thought it would be fun to share these ideas.

    What Are Mini-Cons?


    For those who don't know, Mini-Cons are human-sized Transformers. The general lore of Minicons is that they link up with their larger brethren to give them boosts in power.

    But why Mini-Cons? Well...making a race in Starbound which involves GIANT HULKING ROBOTS would probably be difficult to do, so the human-sized Mini-Cons might be a little easier?

    Character Selection And Armor


    I can see the Mini-Cons having helmets for "hair", and their bodies just being the vanilla Glitch bodies. But the real customization would be through their racial cosmetics and armor. Since they're Transformers, they gotta look like they turn into different vehicles. You can have different wheels, treads, wings, and turrets for back slots, while having car hoods, windows, and cockpits for chest slots.

    Gameplay (Including Weapons and Techs)

    Riding off of that, the biggest aspect of the race would probably be the Techs. The main idea is that the techs can be vehicles they transform into! The Distortion Sphere slot could be where it all happens. Land Vehicle Mode could probably be a reskin of the Speedy Sphere, Sea Vehicle Mode could be the Aqua Sphere, and the Sky Vehicle Mode would probably be a special case that allows the player to fly. Flight would cost energy, though.


    Their racial weapons could be arm mounted weapons, like arm cannons or blades. High-tier weapons could be crafted with Energon, the fuel/lifeblood of Transformers. I could imagine Liquid Energon being made from a good amount of Liquid Erchius. Transformers DO go from planet to planet turning native fuel into Energon, after all.

    So Yeah...There You Go.

    If you took the time to read this, that's cool! Again, I'm not a modder, and this is me just throwing an idea into the air. Maybe if I get into spiriting, I could add some neat visuals to this idea. Tell me what you think!

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