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  1. Zoom in for full view :3


    A rough sketch of "The Great Patriarch", the male Raksasa

    What they would look like when soaring

    Random color schemes that were scrapped because 3/4 of them were just one color

    Skeletral structure of a female Raksasa [subject to change]

    Rough sketches of certain face variations of Raksasa; Land [slithering] variation of Raksasa

    Their tails are literally nothing but skin and bone. [I might draw their skeletal system, but I'm not sure if I can make it in time for the contest]

    When exposed to sunlight on space, their nerves go hyper, and move incredibly fast. This enables space traveling for them a rather easy task, given they are only traveling within their solar system.

    Its innards are colored green, and is very poor in nutrients. Killing Raksasas for food is not a very good idea, unless they're the only edible thing remaining in a planet [which is unlikely, because they will migrate to another planet if they cannot find any food.]

    Due to its toxic back, it cannot be mounted. [Unless you can tame it, or think of an improvisation. You evil, evil person!!]

    Raksasas live in a patriarchal manner. The male raksasa [or the Great Patriarch] are huge, with wingspans extending more than a mile long. Their mouths, unlike the female, are in the front of their bodies, and are only used for mating purposes. It is also used as storage. They do not have a digestive system. Instead, they rely on sunlight as their primary power source, instead of secondary. Due to their massive size and vast wingspan, they can absorb enough sunlight [through their solarized skin] to last them years of traveling.

    Due to their abnormally efficient solarized skin, their growth is greatly enhanced. It will only take 2 weeks for a male raksasa to reach 20 meters.

    Due to lack of information, it is undetermined on how long a Raksasa can live. [That, Or I'm just too lazy to think it up right now] It is said that they live up to a thousand years, but recent reports say that it was closer to approximately 1500 years for a male, and 100 years for a female.

    When mating, the female raksasas enter the male's fake eyes [which are actually hollow], and consume small amounts of the male raksasa's flesh in order to create the 'male' part of the DNA. It then mixes with the female's part of the DNA, and after a while, creates some eggs, which later hatch into raksasa hatchlings. All hatchlings are female, and cannot be male. The only time it can be a male is when A male raksasa is on the verge of dying through old age. The male calls out thousands of miles away, and all the female raksasas gather toward the male's location. Before the male dies, the females enter its mouth, and they all try to consume the brain of the male to convert to DNA. Only one female can get it, and it will always lay two eggs as a result, both always being male. When they hatch, one of them will stay in that planet, while the other will migrate into another planet [because they can travel through space rather quickly] along with a large group of females, where it will settle its kingdom.

    The Raksasa are fast adapters. If they invade new nearby planets, their bodies quickly adapt to the surroundings, to quickly become the top of the food chain in that area.
    The Raksasa is an evolution of some sort of scavenger, which uses its four tendrils to aid it to slither in the land, and uses its suction-like mouth, which is in the middle of its body, to devour plants, leftover food, and bugs in the ground. Like the Raksasa, this scavenger is huge as a male. The "World Snake", as they call it, devoured everything it could. It was given the name due to the fact that it was capable of eating its own world of its resources to the point that it is probably the only living thing in that world. However, it cannot cross water, and is only limited to the land it resides in. After a while, World Snakes eventually ended up relying completely on sunlight, due to the lack of food.
    This eventually led to their evolution, as they slowly gained a wider surface area. Their 'whiskers' [the long spinelike bones protruding from the sides of their head, which are actually their ears] developed long tough flaps that connected to their lower body. They were able to use these flaps to absorb more sunlight. Of course, that is not all, because these flaps made them capable of flying, but some went into the waters, too. Of course, this means they can travel to new land. New land means new dangers and new food, but these new food were terribly underestimated.
    Despite their speed, they were unable to catch up with these food. Adaption led them to a more stealthy approach, and a killer strike- their solarized skin and their battering tail. Due to this, they were the masters of the land, but still possible prey of the skies. Sentient beings and their technology hunted them for their skin, but they would not let that happen. They soon developed toxic sacs that would corrode mechanics and poison these hunters.

    Attacks are subject to change due to lack of information from the game

    1. Tail Swipe - If threat has spotted the raksasa, and the raksasa is unable to cloak due to lack of solar energy [they cannot absorb solar energy while cloaked], they will try to eliminate the threat by swinging its tail. The movement is fast, and the damage is tremendous, but the arc of the swing can barely hit ground enemies if they're crouching, or if it's too high in the air [they can still hit the threat, but the tail cannot touch the ground or it will stop the swing once it hits the ground.] The impact can cause decent knockback, and if it hits a flying enemy, can knock it back dozens of meters, plus the damage it causes.
    2. Tendril Strike - Often used when feeding. The raksasa stabs its prey with poison that stuns it it, so it cannot escape while being eaten. Although the range is extremely short, the poison lasts fairly long, long enough for the raksasa to bite of a chunk of the threat's health [possibly even kill it during that time]. The tendrils, however, cannot pierce decent armor, and it must catapult enemy into air first to 'crack open the shell'.
    3. Toxic fumes - The raksasa releases toxic fumes that deal extra damage towards mechanical objects. It is also poisonous, and will stun enemies for a few seconds. However, it is only effective when the enemy/mechanism is above the raksasa, so those on the ground are safe, as long as they don't try to jump on top of the raksasa.
    4. Catapult - A much more powerful and a deadlier version of the tail swipe, and can only be used while cloaked, this is truly the raksasa's ultimate attack. The raksasa uses its tail to act as a spring and smashes the tip of its tail towards an unsuspecting enemy. The knockback is superb, and the damage is catastrophic [It might instantly kill weaker enemies]. What's worse, it will knock the player into the sky, where they will die of fall damage unless they fall on water, or anything that cushions fall damage, or have an item that prevents fall damage.

    Health & Loot - The raksasa may be large and has a decent amount of hitpoints, but it is rather fragile, especially when shot from the bottom. Its weakpoint is its air sacs, and when hit, will leak its toxic gas corrode itself, continuously taking damage. In order to protect it, the raksasa has plated skin on its top, and ribs under. This protects it from melee damage, but not ranged. Killing it this way, however, will destroy any possible loot from the creature. If killed normally, it can drop several kinds of loot, from its solarized skin to its poisonous toxins.

    Raksasa [Or Rakshasa] is a type of demon or goblin in Hindu Mythology.

    This is only the 'female' bio of the Raksasa. Unfortunately, the 'male' version of the Raksasa is a completely different 'monster', even though they are the same species.. I have to ask the staff if I'm allowed to put both the male and female raksasa here.

    Still a work in progress :wut:
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    Wow you have my vote
    way more thought then most of these posts
    you even worked out a lot of mechanics and backstory
  3. rjhw1

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    Damn, gg man i give up! lol looks amazing. Would be exiting if this was in the game, not to mention dangerous!
  4. TenaciousTinkerer

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    Frick i have a lot to work on for my idea to compete to this, doesn't mean though i don't have my chances to win still its just very hard now but anyway REALLY AWESOME IDEA YOU HAVE GOING ON THERE :).
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    You really have put a lot of work into this, but I'm left wondering just how these would be placed in-game. Boss? Regular mob? Or both?

    The males seem to be a very high-risk enemy but I'm guessing the females would be low-risk.
  6. That's up to the developers :3
  7. Kelp

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    I suppose it is, other than that I'd be totally afraid that this monster would either...
    1: Hit a home run on me.
    2: Eat me like a salted peanut.
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    Nice artwork!
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    Man, if only I could draw. Excellent post. :)
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    Well, everyone else and I have no chance of winning.:D
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    I remember you from the Terraria Forums! Nice to see you here as well. Good luck!
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    Damn I must say I actually want this to win more then mine now. But good luck to us both and every one else who is trying out.
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    :cry: it's so awesome!

    This has raised the bar to heights thought unreachable.
    Im a little sad at how my submission isn't even close to this, :(.

    good work!
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  15. You have put the most work into yours, so definatly a win. :D
  16. I've added a few more concept art of the raksasa if you guys wanna look :3
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    Amazing as always Suika :love:
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    I'm not going to win the free copy of the game.
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    0/10 was expecting furries with inverted hands.

    Jesus this is amazing! Lore and other information is well-presented, and the art aowff da chainz.
    I'd love to see some of these fellas trying to bite my face off.
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    Awesome, its the only thing iv see so far that i want in the game

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