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    As it currently stands, most boss encounters except for mini bosses, only occur when triggered by the PC. The idea here is to have boss encounters that trigger in accordance to the players actions. The idea here being that it would give the player the great of sense of consequence for there actions, as opposed to running into a dungeon all guns blazing. Here are few ideas I thought of for such encounters.

    UPDATE: New examples added, considering adding categories to encounter types.



    In the event of a crisis both Apex and Human colonies respond similarly in the event of a crisis by calling in armoured units, made up of there respective racial mechs.

    Apex/Human Mech Squad

    Composition: 1-3x Hostile Apex/Human Mech units (type of mech dependant on trigger)

    Drops: Pixels (Large-scaled to threat level)

    Spawn Conditions: 33% chance of Spawning on the current planet, for either every fifth Apex NPC killed, in an occupied Apex facility or colony, or for every fifth Human NPC killed in an occupied colony (Bandits do not count etc). Once spawned the boss encounter can not be re-triggered for another 3 in game days.

    Movement: Walk, but is equipped with the gravity neutraliser tech upgrade and is able to jump in order to bypass difficult terrain.

    Attacks: Primary: Ranged: Machine gun fire.
    Secondary: Ranged: Aoe Engery blast (Can damage terrain)
    Tertiary: Melee: Ram: Charges into the enemy (Can damage terrain)


    Glitch knights will often place the safety of there king before that of the commoners, leaving the defence smaller holdings in the hands of low ranked guardsmen. However in the event of such forces being overwhelmed, high ranking knights may be rallied to quell the threat. Similarly such forces have been known to assemble in times of great instability within the realm, in particular during the recent death of a monarch, until preparations can be made to appoint a successor.

    Mounted Glitch Knights

    Composition: 1-4 x Mounted Glitch Knights (with some Glitch foot soldiers for back up)

    Drops: Pixels

    Spawn: 33% chance of spawning somewhere on the planet follow the death of a Glitch King, or after every fifth non hostile Glitch NPC killed. Once spawned the boss encounter can not be re-triggered for another 3 in game days.

    Movement: Walk, able to jump, will charge at the PC to close distance

    Attacks: Same as to what the mob currently possess, with the addition of a ranged option, like a knight throwing javelins or using a crossbow while mounted.


    Floran Hunting Parties


    Hylotl assassin


    Inquisitors of Kluex

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    I kinda like the idea but you misspelled boss...twice
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    Reactionary encounters would make the game feel more alive. I support this!
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    Really cool idea, would the Mech squads be piloting there racial mechs? Also, it would be cool if, on Floran planets you could be attacked by Floran hunting parties, and maybe even those mushroom people (forgot the name).
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    Ah, my apologies that was by no means intentional.

    Aye the idea would be that mech squads would be pilot their racial mechs. The idea of a Floran hunting party sounds pretty awesome, I might add that one to the list at some point :).
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    random idea what if by chopping down enough trees there would bea guardian of all life trying to kill you it would be like a golem made of nature with a tree and nests and everything(no starbound is NOT a SCI-FI game because of the demons and bone dragon)

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