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    I've been going through and editing the very jarring dialog that I find (for instance, I've changed all instances of "shrine" to "memorial"). I don't know a whole lot about modding the game, but it's been running this way for most of an in-game year and everything that I've actually encountered seems to display correctly

    I've got two questions: first of all, how would I even go about bug testing this? Just start a new character and try to see if it all works? (Example: I have no way of seeing some of Vincent and Sam's changed dialog doesn't occur anymore because Kent has returned in my game).

    Second of all: is there any interest in this mod at all? I mean it's a really simple thing, super easy to do, but I haven't seen anything available like it so far, so if anyone wants it I can put the edited files up here.

    An incomplete list of changes I've made:

    "Shrine" to "Memorial" (i.e "Make sure you keep the area around your grandpa's MEMORIAL clean...)
    "Ferngill Republic" to "America"
    "Spirit's Eve" to "Halloween"
    "Feast of the Winter Star" to "Christmas" (except some relevant dialog during the actual feast such as Willy's story of the Winter Star)
    "Gotoro Empire" to "Soviet Union/Russia/Soviet" depending on the context
    "Egg Festival" to "Easter Festival/Easter Egg Festival" depending on context
    and the most jarring one of all to me: "Gridball" to "Football"

    There's a lot more, I'll create a detailed list if there's any interest in me putting this up.
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      Why you gotta make Russia the bad guy?! =P
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        There are dozens of different saves you could use to bug-test your dialogue here.
        Please share your work, I'm definitely curious. Some of the fan-made translations make some changes to the dialogue as well; I'd like to see the differences.

        @Jinxiewinxie Maybe the Republic is bad, who knows? :viking: The Gotoro Empire doesn't seem to correlate to Russia, though, you're right.
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          It was just the only like "national enemy" slash "empire" I could think of for a real world setting. I tried it with "Islamic State/ISIS/Daesh" but that seemed kinda stilted and it didn't fit, and I think it's almost TOO serious which is giving me insight into why Stardew Valley is in a completely fictional setting to begin with.

          So any alternatives that would fit with the dialog about Gotoro would be welcome.
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            Eek...As a history major/minor this is kinda cringe worthy to think about. Maybe ISIS and Jihad is ok, but learning about it a lot more this semester "Islamic State" is also calling into question a majority of the rural, essentially innocent (it's whomever freedom of opinion if its misguided or not, to me, w.e. it's like any other religion gone awry) people who want to maintain that form of government. I digress though.

            Russia is complicated! Its history is confuddled with crazy tzars and shitty winters! I'd be a crazy desk-cam driver too if I had to deal with that kinda stuff.

            I think the safest rename you could go with is North Korea, I think.
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              England of course, obviously after all this time they are south-parking it and trying to kick the US-of-A's arse back into subservience! :p
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                Oooh. This could be a good turn around. A plot twist!

                England shows up and says they're here to help. But quickly seeps all your resources, tax you heavily and put british officials in all of the local and national seats in charge.

                They (and France [and US, obv]) fucking did this - a lot hahahahah
                This is, if not one of the biggest, at least partially why the ME is the way it is today /ISIS was born and blames western countries while seemingly using western tech (and good 'ol toyotas) hmmmmm.
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                  Yeah that's the reason why I specified "Soviet Union" but obviously there was never an out-and-out war between the US and USSR. I think you're probably right about North Korea.
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