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RELEASED RECIFIXER - Bar fix for armors 2015-09-18

A Recipe fix to make ores worth a damn once again.

  1. Klairixia

    Klairixia Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Klairixia submitted a new mod:

    RECIFIXER - Bar fix for armors - A Recipe fix to make ores worth a damn once again.

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  2. Ami-Chan

    Ami-Chan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I see where you're coming from with this, but like...
    Exploring underground in Terraria feels natural. You find a hole and just keep walking and dropping and see where it takes you. Only time you need to break a wall in most cases is to get at the ores you can see glittering at you just out of reach. Terraria makes the underground actually fun.
    Exploring underground in Starbound is debatebly more realistic, but that's exactly the problem. You constantly run into dead-ends, and thick walls you only think are dead-ends because your light source doesn't penetrate far enough for you to realize there's something more there. It doesn't help at all the default view is zoomed in way WAY closer to your character than what you get in Terraria, making it a real pain to find your way back out. or even know if a drop is dangerous. Starbound makes the underground a real chore.
  3. SeniorFight

    SeniorFight Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Well, for the zoom part, i can say that you can change this in settings, and holding the Left CTRL (Control) key allows you to see far into one direction (tap Control to get to default view again).

    The undergrounds in starbound are too... easy to expect what's inside.

    For me the best part in starbound, is when i have everything ready to build a base, and once i've built a base, i'm done playing and start over and over again.

    At least, this mods gives more of realistic challenge into the game though.

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