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    Recipe Editor is an Application that provides a user-interface for editing .recipe files. It also includes a special CSV Exporter tool that allows the user to turn a spreadsheet of recipes into exported .recipe files. I created it as the next step in my long term goal of a complete object editing pipeline of applications. But also because I was tired to filling out Recipe template files manually. The Application only supports windows.

    What can it do?:
    The application provides a straightforward interface that is easy to use and learn. Input and Output fields provide auto-complete suggestions as you type for any Objects, Items, Materials, and Liquids from Starbound. Currency fields also Auto-complete Currency names and Group fields do the same for groups. Want to use auto-complete on your own modded content or those of another mod? Not a problem, the tool can read a mod's unpacked files and add it's content to your auto-complete. You can add as many inputs, outputs and currencies as you like.

    Want to export a lot of recipes? Or maybe you have a set of items or objects that are all related? Try using the CSV export tool. You can create all your recipes on a single spreadsheet. View them all in one place and make tweaks as you like. Then export the whole batch in a single operation.

    The tool is chalk full of helpful error messages if you try exporting data that won't work with Starbound. Feel safe and secure knowing the application is doing it's best to protect you... from yourself! And of course par standard it comes with a user's manual that covers it's basic functions all the way to it's more advanced features.

    The Application only supports the Windows Operating System:

    Consider joining the Discord:
    If you want to track the development of Modding Tools, get notified when new tools release, and report bugs, consider joining Devbound's Discord server:

    Important things to note:
    Will the application support platforms other than windows?:

    The application is written in a framework specifically designed for windows. To port the application to other platforms would require it be almost entirely re-written for that platform. Furthermore, I only own a windows device. This is most troublesome for any mac port. Apple places major roadblocks on developers who don't own any of their devices. So while I can't say there will never be a linux port, I most definitely have no plans of porting to mac in the foreseeable future.

    How do I use the application:

    A short manual is provided with the download that explains the functions of the app.

    I found a bug:
    Feel free to contact me either via my discord Quill#8477, or through this thread.

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