Recon Squad 8:Labratory 118

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    Come, gather around. Let me tell you the story about heroes, villains, and much more. This is the story about The Special Recon Squad 8 and their adventures inside the laboratory which had been long abandoned. Now, if you are the faint of heart, or the youngest of young, please leave. Now let us begin!

    Warning:The following story is written for a Semi-Mature/Mature audience. You have been warned!

    The Galactic Federation is one of the major influences in the Starbound Galaxy. They operate in the far reaches of space and most of the time they become mercenaries for bigger corporations. They employ people to help in whatever operations are happening and use heavy weaponry to get the job done. But our story starts with One of the many squads the GF has, Special Recon Squad 8 (or SRS8/SRS for short). Th squad consists of 17 members, although most of them are spies, snipers or people that all in all work in the shadows. The ones who do the dirty work are the 5 who are called the "Field Squad". They consist of Havel, The team commander who in the end makes sure everything is done right. Cipher, The Female Apex who gets her name from her many talents with Computers. Bishop, the team weapon specialist who also has hacking abilities due to him being a Glitch. Finally, there's Rook, An avian who is the eyes and ears of the squad. He's A smart mouth who also often butts heads with Cipher a lot, but it is all in good fun. The rest of the squad is often introduced throughout the rest of the stories.

    The Galactic Federation Asteroid base in the far reaches of space has a gathering around a holotable. The Special Recon Squad 8 Field Members are assembled around it, with worry and fear in their eyes. Then Grand Officer Maxim walks into the room. "Evening Men...". Cipher quickly interrupted what he was going to say next with a fake cough. "And Ladies, sorry Cipher" Maxim Stated without even looking at them. "Our current operations in Ffjord 4 are going to be on a hold until further notice due to this..." Maxim quickly spurted out to try and hope nobody heard him. Sadly, everyone heard him and many "Ugh"s and "Damnit!"'s were said throughout the room. Ignoring all of them, Maxim continued."A more pressing matter has come up. We have gotten numerous distress messages from this sector of the Dinastius Heart sector. Now all would be fine and dandy, but this sector has been known to have terrible beasts, and we must make sure they are all right.". Rook snorted, "Is that the only reason officer?". Maxim paused for a second, " Yes, I don't know why you would think that there is some other Purpose for your departure, Anyway, your shuttle is Taking off in 0100 hours, get your gear registered, also, We don't know what the hell is down there, so you'll be dropping in by pod, questions? Dismissed!" The squad wasted no time, Cipher packed a field kit and got her year ready and immediately ran to the warehouse and grabbed a rifle,a medical kit, a standard half-faced gasmask, and some nightvision goggles. Rook had his standard blaster pistol and some tear gas. Bishop did his infamous setup with the gun he loved more than anything, It has claimed over 1000 lives and is still increasing! Havel brought the most generic soldier kit which gave him the nickname "Mr. Standard". They all met up In the shuttle where they soon departed. They made the jump to light speed and watched as all the stars flew past them. They finally arrived at a snowy planet with not much green. They loaded into two drop pods and waited for the signal. The he light went from a dull red to a bright green in both of the pods. "I hate this part..." Cipher said with her eyes closed. "Killer rush..." Rook stated with a wide smile on his face. He brought the goggles on his forehead down over his eyes. The first beep went off and they braced themselves. The second beep went off and Rook screamed "Here it comes!" To try to make Havel and Bishop hear (They were in the other pod). The third beep went off and all blood rushed to their heads as they dropped into the atmosphere of the planet. "WOOOOOOO!" Rook screamed with a smile on his face. Cipher tensed up and was trying to hold vomit back from going all over Rook. The pod Slowed down in speed (using Thrusters) and still, crashed into the ground. The door to the pod opened upward and their safety harnesses came undone. The Mission that was assigned to them had finally began.
    [DOUBLEPOST=1452296007][/DOUBLEPOST]Please note:The Story has many grammar errors. Please ignore them. Also, more chapters to this Tale are going to be released soon!
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