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Should Penguin boss be nerfed with less health?

  1. Yes!

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  1. Kexy Knave

    Kexy Knave Cosmic Narwhal

    Also, Molotov's are basically useless against him, I found out. Bombs work wonders, even better than plasma grenades
  2. jesterkris

    jesterkris Astral Cartographer

    You just need to explore other planets until you can easily manage a threat 9 or 10 planet without getting one shot, if you explore enough then you will find pulse jump and a weapon with an 8 or 9 (possibly even 10) AP and you will hit him for about 300 damage each shot. The only thing that needs to get changed is the quest description for it to advise people not to fight him until you have explored your own sector a bit. He isn't a starter boss, he is a sector boss.
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  3. jmlop0

    jmlop0 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Your 100% correct, but with the upcoming update involving the damage and level systems on enemies, it WILL change, for better or worse.
  4. jesterkris

    jesterkris Astral Cartographer

    Well the damage of the weapons and the armour will become more clear, the boss isn't going to change but hopefully people will have a better understanding of what they need to do to beat him :)
  5. SlenderpGuy

    SlenderpGuy Master Chief

    I feel that instead of nerfing there should be a strategy for any type of build (a la Deus Ex) instead of forcing the most berserker/tank thing.
  6. Dynafols

    Dynafols Black Hole Surfer

    So I just killed the second boss....
    Ummm.... I used an entire avian air ship's crew to gun it down within a matter of seconds. Yea, if I had known about this "strategy" earlier, I could have killed the UFO a lot sooner. There needs to be a rebalance in weaponry, the boss, and where the boss can spawn.

    Problems with the UFO: It's defense is to high, its rather unpredictable so I can't run away from being squished. If I try to hide in a hole and gun shoot arrows at it, either its minions or its lazer will murder me.

    Problems with the character progression: By the time I have successfully built the distress beacon, I usually have full copper or MAYBE full iron.... but why would I waste perfectly good iron ore creating a suit when the crafting recipe tells me that silver armor (which is better than iron) requires the remains of my copper armor? After all, I need the iron ore for recreating the beacon for the fifth time.

    Problems with weaponry and mining: Copper? Theres tons. Iron? Theres some. Silver? Theres none (very very very little). This is the case, at least with the alpha stages. I have dug to the very center of the planets before, and there is very, VERY little silver down there, that is if you can even make it that far with out getting brutally slaughtered. I don't know about you guys, but I don't like making hellevators, I would rather travel down to the center through the dark and spooky cave systems (its more fun that way). I got lucky enough to find some OP shurikens and a javelin... however only some. My weapons? A bow.... a stinking bow, it does next to nothing against a UFO. I was lucky enough to get a Legendary Bone Smasher, but because of how high that thing is, I hardly ever touched it with it. My dps on it was far higher just by making little dents into it with my bow (and it was fairly low even then). We are the equivalence of a tribes men.

    This what I suggest they do:
    -Implement some make-shift weaponry. Whether it be steam-punk or a mini catapult that fires rocks, we need something that can fire projectiles.
    -OR let me make shurikens and javelins.

    -Give us a better tutorial. I'm sorry, but I didn't even know I could travel to other planets to look for better equipment (I got lucky and found some tech). If they put a "How to Survive for Dummies" book into the starting ship chest, this will at least teach us how to open up the book section (also, I would like it so that books are more organized).

    -Implement capturing other creatures. I did NOT kill that UFO alone. In fact, the wild life probably did more damage to it than I did. Giving us the ability to capture animals and have them to help fight for us will 1) Give us a buddy 2) Help make the boss a little bit easier 3) It will make sense progression wise, after all, we're tribes men at this point in the game.
  7. Kexy Knave

    Kexy Knave Cosmic Narwhal

    RNG Mate. ^ I've had planets not give me anything but copper on the surface, other planets have quite a bit of iron.
    Dig deep, sometimes I only find copper, but just recently I found a large amount of iron/silver in a mini-village which was awesome.

    It's all RNG. People are freaking saying there's no variety, or everything is so barren. Just means you rolled low xD
  8. Dynafols

    Dynafols Black Hole Surfer

    I disagree. From my experiences (traveling COUNTLESS planets), Alpha planets tend to give Plenty of Copper, Some Iron, and Little Silver, while Beta gives Plenty of Iron, Some Copper, and Some Silver.

    Also, if it is a luck of the draw on your RESOURCES, that you need to progress, then thats a very poor design choice. It just becomes an over sized grind that that point.
  9. gamenoob704

    gamenoob704 Intergalactic Tourist

    The thing that interested me so much about this game at first was the space exploration the limitless amount of planets to explore and find new things on. Thats what convinced me to get the game the big thing that i looked forward to. Unfortunately for me i cant do that because i need a molten core from a god damn penguin inside of a space ship that one shots me when i spawn him, im not going to ask to completely nerf the ufo entirely just make him more of a starter boss than the hard mode shit terraria has. please nerf him to where he is possible to beat overall and you dont need to find guns or molotovs or things like that (wich i could not find any of for the life of me) to beat him!
  10. Shadewarp

    Shadewarp Pangalactic Porcupine

    Agreed, the first boss is still too hard - we shouldn't need to trap him or somehow bug him out to beat him. Nor should you need to have 5+ bombs or a level 10 weapon... Make the first boss just a tad easier...
  11. isocryd

    isocryd Void-Bound Voyager

    It took me forever, a corner of my house (prenerf), a whole lot of lives and more time that I wanted. It seems to me that the UFO boss is kind of a leap for new players who don't really know yet that you're about to summon a boss that doesn't despawn.

    Did you summon it on top of your teleport location? Good luck.
  12. vanjavk

    vanjavk Space Hobo

    It's fairly easy if you use melee weapon tactic, check this video out if you don't know what I'm talking about:
  13. Shadewarp

    Shadewarp Pangalactic Porcupine

    Yeahm well - since patch, it will break blocks. And it shouldn't really be necessary to trap a boss to kill it... not really a great boss imo...
  14. TheRainbowMaster

    TheRainbowMaster Aquatic Astronaut

    Yeah, thats true, its easy to trap it and kill it like that, but no fun. Still, I think the boss its pretty god danm hard, I've been trying to kill it with the Iron Hunting Bow, and its just impossible. Really, I have made already 7 beacons or so, and havent killed a single one (died 5 times, the other 2 he just flyed away. Bug?).
    I think its health is not really a problem if you could hit him hard enough, I mean, the bow isnt really fast and stuff. And the maximum damage I give to him is 12 with the bow and 14 with the Big Slicer (Couldnt find any better itens).
    It dosent do much damage if you have a good armor, Im using silver and it only gives me 10 damage, but still, if it takes too long to kill it, you're probably gonna take a few hits, enough to get you killed right away. From what I've seen, its not really a hard boss, its actually very well predictable, but danm, its defense is so high that it just makes it impossible to kill. To new players, it kinda makes the game boring, I thought of giving up a few times myself. I havent tried with friends yet, Im gonna try that, but it really should be nerfed.
  15. Plystire

    Plystire Star Wrangler

    I summoned him right on top of my house. I thought the beacon was a waiting game for a while, and I put it on my roof (for better transmission, lol). It's a distress beacon afterall!

    Yeah, i died a bunch of times, but eventually I learned how to deal with him. First a foremost, build a starting area with a small alcove on the side. The beginning of this fight for me was a waiting game while he summoned as many of his penguin guys as he possibly could. Once he stopped spawning them, I ran up and over the small alcove, effectively eliminating the need to fight the penguin army so I could focus on the UFO. In the second area, I built a small shelter on both sides of a stretch of "battle ground". Hide in one shelter until he begins his blasting maneuver (the beams he shoots downward), then run out firing arrows or jumping to attack with a more powerful melee weapon, and made my way to the other side. Rinse, repeat until dead. The tiny UFOs were a problem but luckily their attacks were easy enough to dodge.
    FYI, I had silver armor (Go explore worlds, and if you're having no luck finding silver/gold then STOP LOOKING ON THE SAME LEVEL PLANET!!! I've found that the same resources spawn on the same level worlds. If you've been looking on lvl 10 worlds, try lvl 9 or 8. Or even try different biomes. Some people siad Moon worlds were great for ores, well mine were crap, but my jungles had huge pockets of ore right on the surface)

    That said, I agree the bosses need rebalancing. I mean, I made a giant thread post in here about it and how I think it could be better balanced.
  16. Terminal Fate

    Terminal Fate Space Hobo

    I used bombs to take care of it.
  17. skyace65

    skyace65 Aquatic Astronaut

    the boss needs to be nerfed in some way, or the tutorial changed.

    the way the tutorial is written it could be assumed we stay on one planet the entire time, at first i didn't even think of going to another planet since i had to build a distress beacon, and if i could go to another planet than whats the point of making a distress beacon? on a first run through any logical person would assume this to be an easy starting boss from the tutorial structure.

    but if the tutorial wont change than the boss needs to be changed. i can understand people wanting to have a challenge, i really do, but this is the first boss in the game, and there will be plenty of other bosses to fight for a harder challenge. the whole point of any game with progression is for it to get progressively more difficult, not be the same level of hard all the time.
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  18. jesterkris

    jesterkris Astral Cartographer

    The quest just needs to be re-written, the boss isn't even remotely challenging (as the game currently stands) when you explore other planets first. But that isn't made overly clear (it does warn us to gear up first). Even if the quest had a recommended gear level or something to that effect. But that part is going to be irrelevant when the system changes and they might already be changing the quest lines in the process of doing that so my entire reply might be irrelevant :D
  19. TheRainbowMaster

    TheRainbowMaster Aquatic Astronaut

    Finally I managed to kill that son of a bitch! It was easy after the update, I mean, it is easier to kill it now. I mean, he did got nerfed (At least I noticed my damage going higher than before. Still low, but higher). Also, what I didnt know is that when he kills you and disappear, it was a bug. So, when I died and got back, I had to fight 2 UFOs. Silly me.
    Whatever, I killed one, got the Molten Core and ran like my legs were on fire. Now Im confused about the how the planets and the stuff in them work. Like, if the biomes offer different itens and ores, of different structures as well. I dunno, but I will make a thread about it.
  20. ihasrubixcube

    ihasrubixcube Aquatic Astronaut

    to anyone looking for A way to stand a chance against the ufo you should definately craft the best armor that you can at the time, (for me it was the iron tier, the name will vary for your species) then built a dirt fortress and lots of bandage, i packed twenty five and i used almost all of them, also you might want to go spelunking and find a good sword, or armor.
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