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Should Penguin boss be nerfed with less health?

  1. Yes!

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  2. No!

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  1. Matzimazing

    Matzimazing Seal Broken

    I don't think it needs to be nerfed in any way, but I do think the quest to make the beacon needs to be pushed to later in the game when a player would be more ready to face it. Right now, I feel it's so early, it's so so easy for players to not be prepared to take it on.
  2. mawihtec

    mawihtec Zero Gravity Genie

    he is very easy to beat if you find molotov or bombs or even craft iron bow

    1) build 2 towers about 25-30 blocks apart each tower 30 blocks+ high
    2) create step up outside of one for a quick ascent
    3) place beacon in centre of this area and activate with E (i forgot to activate it and was sat for ages)
    4) climb up out side quick as possible
    5) when UFO drops to attack build line of blocks across top (i used cobblesstone) leaving a gap in middle (you only need to build the cover big enough so the UFO cant fly out)
    6) drop Bombs / Molotovs or shoot with iron or normal bow (will take ages with normal tho)
    7) collect molten core from bottom when he is dead

    took me less than 5 minutes to kill the ufo
  3. bobheckling

    bobheckling Tentacle Wrangler

    I got lucky on my first try.....I spawn him on a pirate ship filled with avians that were equipped with weapons.....
  4. mawihtec

    mawihtec Zero Gravity Genie

    thats a nice way to get multiple molten cores quickly have several distress beacons before going up to the ship tho
  5. Monochromegoggles

    Monochromegoggles Phantasmal Quasar

    I went and swiped a hammer from a (now dead) avian tomb guard and only ran out from my dirt bunker to smash it when the opportunity came. Pre-update it was impossibru thoi gh.
  6. jangofet

    jangofet Void-Bound Voyager

    It's easy now, after the update. Just get an iron bow, have a little bit of copper armor, and make a cobble bunker. ez-pz. However, I only went that far because I had seen videos of people trying to fight the UFO. I could easily see that a new player might just rush the distress beacon and get completely destroyed, which is why I would like the tutorial to hint a little more about the UFO.
  7. vaultboyt3

    vaultboyt3 Void-Bound Voyager

    Dig a hole and cover it up leaving a small gap, summon the UFO, use a ranged weapon to fire out of the hole.

    Not difficult, i managed it and i only got the game yesterday
  8. applevac

    applevac Void-Bound Voyager

    I beat him with no armor, a wooden hunting bow, and some syringes. Really guys, he's not that hard. The only problem is that it takes forever. I fought him on top of a pyramid-shaped building at the surface of an underground laboratory. All you have to do is move. Also, the pyramid helps because you can move away when he smashes down, then hit him a couple times. Also, I had dual fishtails (I believe that's what they're called) as my weapons.
  9. applevac

    applevac Void-Bound Voyager

    Silver is the prime ore on all of my planets. Just look around the surface, that's where I find it most.
  10. The5lacker

    The5lacker Phantasmal Quasar

    The problem is less "UFO OP" and more "No dang guns anywhere." I've been wandering for days, haven't found a gun merchant, and all of the people I've run into with guns haven't been kind enough to drop any of them (they've been more than willing with the bullet donations, though.)

    Basic rifles and the like need to be more readily available, I feel. Something like 10 iron, 10 wood planks, and either some coal or something should give access to a blunderbuss or something at tier one.
  11. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    My problem with the boss fight is not the boss fight, but with the weapons you use to bring down the boss. I used an Iron Bow while standing within a cobblestone dome and I brought down a rampaging spaceship with ease... It doesn't make a lick of sense in my opinion. Arrows should be practically bouncing off of the thing, not the players key to success. No, something needs to be done to make it seem less stupid.
  12. The5lacker

    The5lacker Phantasmal Quasar

    To be fair, this is a UFO manned by evil, militaristic penguins. "Stupid" is kinda something you're gonna have to roll with.
  13. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    That's at least a probable "stupid". A different level of stupid is destroying a metal ship capable of FTL stresses with pointed rocks.
  14. The5lacker

    The5lacker Phantasmal Quasar

    In real life, spaceships can theoretically be decimated by chips of paint. Arrows pack a lot more punch than most people seem to understand, they're heavy hunks of rock/metal.
  15. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    That would make sense if we were talking about space shuttles, I think, but shuttles are built to withstand the heat generated from air resistance on exit and entry of our atmosphere with a type of ceramic.

    But we're not talking about shuttles here. We're talking about a metal spacecraft built for combat which can handle faster than light speeds without worry. Something needs to be done to better explain how arrows are going to bring that down, be it a broken down ship or some weakpoint.
  16. Dynafols

    Dynafols Black Hole Surfer

    Theres been updates brah, updates.

    And its tough to kill something that flies without a ranged weapon, and more often than not the only ranged weapon you're gonna have is your bow, which is designed solely for hunting.
  17. Farathil

    Farathil Spaceman Spiff

    I like how it's set up. The amount time needed for constructing a beacon is a good one, and the boss is hard enough to fear, but not impossible.
    Especially if you find a glitch castle. >: D

    RULERULTAMIS Big Damn Hero

    The boss isn't that hard. Just have the highest tier armor (Iron) and iron bow. Also just hide in a hole like I did for all the bosses. 0 deaths from bosses that way.
  19. Lucifer_§oul

    Lucifer_§oul Starship Captain

    well i want them to be harder like 10bill hp which i did lololol harder bosses eYEAH FYI i not giving the code away
  20. Farathil

    Farathil Spaceman Spiff

    Mate... this thread is ancient like 4 months old. Did you necro just to say that?
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