REQUEST Remake of Fokson's Foxyfficiency mod

Discussion in 'Mods' started by petitepirouette, Jan 3, 2019.

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    As far as I am aware, this mod is no longer being maintained or updated by the original creator. It broke in version 1.3.29 and is currently the only thing holding me back from updating my game. [link]

    This mod is an incredible life-saver. Some of the features that I value the most are:
    -open/closing gates
    -hooking fish
    -harvesting crops (when waking by)
    -planting seeds (when walking by)
    -milking/shearing (when walking by)
    -foraging (when walking by)
    -shaking trees/bushes (when walking by)
    -holding a click to chop down trees

    Alternatively, I have also been on the lookout for mods that replicate some of these features such as:
    automated gate opening/closing
    can get auto-hooking with this mod

    But I was not able to find any mods that replicated these features only when you walk by the desired target to: harvest/pick foragables/shake things/planting/milking and shearing. I've looked into auto-grabbers, but they take away the enjoyment of walking around.

    If there are other mods out there that I haven't found that may suit this purpose or anyone willing to replicate some of the work done by Fokson, I would be incredibly grateful. Heck, I'd be willing to do some doodles for y'all out of gratitude. example.
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    • minervamaga

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      This mod was actually updated yesterday, not sure if you have seen the update yet.
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      • petitepirouette

        petitepirouette Void-Bound Voyager

        That is incredible news! Thank you so much for letting me know!

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