Modding Help Removing Block Destroying Effects from Frackin' Universe Weather

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Arrevax, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Last year, I tried out Frackin' Universe for the first time on a new playthrough, right after my first post-launch playthrough. Loved it. However, I really don't like block destruction— with a few exceptions (ex: sand in sandstorms), the game will never replace destroyed blocks. Background "junk" (ex: decorative plants that just drop fiber or nothing) is irreplacable without using a terraformer (unless I'm wrong about that; I've never used one). The only solution outside of toying with code is to reset planets, which deters me from bothering to do anything with any planets other than my main colony besides a quick survey and gathering resources. I'd have to manually keep track of every planet I wanted to not reset when resetting all of the others— a hassle.

    Initially, I simply went through the vanilla and FU weather.config files and simply disabled destructive weather (ex: anything that breaks blocks or objects), plus I disabled block breaking for "digger worm" type enemies. This works well enough, but it means I'm missing out on a lot of interesting weather types.

    I just finished editing through every projectile referenced by FU and vanilla Starbound's weather. I replaced every "action" : "explosion" with "action : NoDamage" and set every "explosiveDamageAmount" to 0. I have no idea if this has just disabled block destruction for weather or if there are more things in the game that reference those same projectiles (like weapons or enemies). I don't know if the game's going to bug out because I didn't do this correctly— if it'll throw errors at me when those projectiles are called for, or if the game will crash.

    Does anyone know if these same projectiles from weather are called anywhere else, and have I edited them in a way that allows them to function normally other than disabling block damage? Examples of files I edited, as explained earlier: "ffteslasmall" "electricimpact.config" "electricburstexplosion.config"

    If I've done this wrong, is there another approach I could use besides manually editing so many files? If not, how exactly can I disable block destruction for weather? I'd love to disable block destruction for every aspect of the game other than deliberate tools (pickaxes, drills, the matter manipulator, and perhaps bombs).

    EDIT: I visited a Primeval Forest planet with lightning storms to see if anything broke. I get kicked back to my ship every time lightning tries to hit the ground.

    Edit2: I revisited every single bit of code I edited (hopefully) and changed every "action" : "NoDamage" back to "action" : "explosion" and made sure that every explosiveDamageAmount was set to 0 (I did miss a few the first time around). After repacking the assets and replacing the flawed ones, I went back to the same Primeval Forest and used /timewarp to get another lightning storm. No damage done to the player by lightning itself, but it did cause an electricity debuff and burning, as it did before. I also noticed that no blocks or scenery were being destroyed (not even the smallest bits of grass or pixel containers), though the lightning still caused trees to make the "damaged" sound effect. I don't know if I've fixed meteors or space junk; I haven't found any planets with those weather types (did FU remove them?).
    As far as I can tell, I've done what I set out to do, though I still might want to try removing blocks breaking when things fall on them (I've just avoided using the mech on planets to avoid this) and when damaged by weapons (I'm guessing I'd just have to edit explosiveDamageAmount for every remaining projectile in the game, but I don't know if that would also reduce/remove damage for a lot of things that usually just crack blocks anyway).
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