RELEASED Replace Rabbit's Foot with Four Leaf Clover (Content Patcher)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by sheetcakeghost, Sep 22, 2018.

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    I always found it strange that my rabbit would randomly give me one of its feet only to grow a new one over night. (Or that it was bringing me the feet of some other buns in town.) So I whipped up a little replacer mod so that it gives me clovers instead. Still fills the "lucky charm" function with none of that dubious "here's a rando foot I found" nonsense.

    I know the sprite doesn't look amazing, but I'm not really a sprite artist. Anybody out there that can do better please feel free and upload it in here.

    You're gonna need Content Patcher to make this work, btw.

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    • UnityandtheSystem

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      I love this mod but sadly it's outdated, which really sucks, but thankfully I decided to try my hand at modding! I made an updated version of the mod with a different clover sprite, it works with 1.5.4! Here's the mod link if you'd like to download it!
      Happy farming!

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