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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by captainrumbarrels, Nov 14, 2018.

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    Ahoy me hearties, Your fabled rum captain here.

    Long story short I've been messin about with interfaces and have an understanding of a few things here and there but I wish to postulate a question just in case I end up running around in circles. First part, irrelevant to my question but it'll provide context hopefully for what I'm doing. Basically I am attempting to create a "game mode" via a character creation species slot. The race will be faceless and have access to all the content the mod which have. I'm doing this for the sake of game save compatibility.

    Now the meat of the argument. I noticed the captain's chair has the scripts that provide access to moving the ship around to different planet systems. I'm hoping to create a custom galaxy map clone exclusive to this "game mode" species.

    So, the questions:

    - Is it possible to replace a star system with another? I know after some experimentation that all characters share the same universe but hey theres only so much you can do right?

    - How would I go about reskinning the existing planet types? I had this idea for a galactic "fog of war", where there is an incentive for the players to explore star systems and they gain information when they actually visit the system. Not essential but would be a really cool feature of the mod.

    - is it possible to replace one planet type with another? no I am not referring to terraforming.
    - otherwise I might be taking the wrong approach. Is there a way to chance the probability of what starsystems spawn?

    Feedback on some or all of these points would be greatly appreciated. Are there mods that achieve this already I could use as a reference? All input will be greatly appreciated me hearties (^^,)
  2. captainrumbarrels

    captainrumbarrels Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I just had a brilliant little idea that simplifies the whole thing a tad but not sure how it could work. Lets say you visit a t6 world, say volcanic. What if I were to create using tiled a custom dungeon that has tiles randomly generated? so it gives the impression the player teleports to the surface? but really its just a custom map I made in Tiled using a few tile sets that allow for random block spawning?

    Thoughts? Feasibility?

    EDIT: I seem to be rolling well with this idea. I'll still happily take suggestions. for now I think scripted dungeons are the way to go. Also discovered you can use the captain's chair to remotely move your ship (^^,) It wouldn't surprise me if a mod exists for this already
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