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Discussion in 'Mods' started by robbertstark, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. robbertstark

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    I'm pretty new to the game but I have come to hate one annoying feature that i also hated in harvest moon...
    returning to bed to sleep.
    I know it ties into you need to have the time to get home and yada yada yada.

    It'd be awesome if there was a mod out there that would return the character home from anywhere (like a teleport) and save and end the day, but it takes away 2 hours from the clock before it does. And if there wasnt enough time, you'd pass out..
    Save Anywhere is already a thing but it doesn't end the day and is more of a cheat than a quality of life mod which is what this idea is going for..
    I've never made a mod before but i'll experiment around and see if i can come up with something like this, I think it'd be pretty cool.
    • Darkorinth

      Darkorinth Void-Bound Voyager

      There are already items in game to take you home the warp totem:farm and return scepter, but they are expensive and/or hard to get. In light of that your suggestion seems almost as "cheaty" as save anywhere.The only reason it's almost and not the same as is your idea for a 2 hour time loss. A simple solution would be to use an item spawner to only get the return scepter and only use it before 10 pm and only once a day. Still if you insist on having it as a mod keep looking.
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      • foghorn

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        The savegame function in the TrainerMod that comes with SMAPI does this (minus the time-penalty), so take a look at it's code to get started in the right direction.
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        • robbertstark

          robbertstark Space Hobo

          Thank you! Ive started working on it and have been looking for the proper code to end a day in the game1 files

          I've looked into trainermod's save code and tried to use it in game and it doesnt seem to reset the day or anything similar
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