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Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by Typical, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Typical

    Typical Space Hobo

    I just want to say that i do like the games armour and its naming its very witty as well as having a fun appearance, but i feel like end game armour should look badass, i understand if start/mid game armour looks funny but end game items are suppose to look OP in my opinion because it shows you've made the journey of a noob to endgame, i know there are vanity items which can cover this up but i prefer to not wear vanity items, i feel like showing of the items i worked for is a reward within itself.

    i hope other people do agree or at least see the point i was trying to make and i hope there are badass sets of armour in the works
  2. newcomer3

    newcomer3 Big Damn Hero

    I feel like final tier armor does look pretty badass, hence my profile pic.
  3. gameboytj

    gameboytj Ketchup Robot

    Why not give armor a small RNG? so you could craft one with a small boost to one of the stats.
  4. Wingidon

    Wingidon Phantasmal Quasar

    I agree.
    At least with the Glitch, their end-game armor is all essentially the same: armor with a varying amount of eyes with the most noticeable difference being the shape of the top of the helmet. Could definitely appreciate that at least the manipulator gear gets made into a wizard robe-armor mix.
  5. gameboytj

    gameboytj Ketchup Robot

    Yeah that would be cool. But also, maybe offer more energy pool or regen? Since you could make them look like a mage?
  6. Wingidon

    Wingidon Phantasmal Quasar

    This is a subject of appearance, not functionality.
  7. gameboytj

    gameboytj Ketchup Robot

    oh, ok. But would you want it though? Just asking. ^^;

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